Grats to Falahla for getting the Legendary!

Guild Legendary

Guild Legendary

And our guild pets!

Guild Pets

Guild Pets

The raid lockout had been extended so all we had to do was Ragnaros.

Of course, it had been a while since I’ve done that fight and I wasn’t on my “usual” side, but that was no excuse…

First Dead

First Dead

Yeah, I ran directly into the fire and died before Phase 2, so I made myself useful by counting floor tiles until the rest of raid killed Rag and Falahla looted her last item.

Contrary to popular belief I really don’t try to die on purpose. It was a stupid mistake on my part. For some reason I thought the fire on the floor was over when I ran into it.

Rogue News

I didn’t have much to do with my Rogue over the weekend so I worked on the more boring things like finishing up a few quests in Twilight Highlands to open the dailies and level up cooking skills.

Now I can cook my own buff food

Now I can cook my own buff food - yippee!

I also changed my Sub spec to something more appropriate for level 85 than my leveling spec, and fixed up my Combat spec to the recommended spec at Elitist Jerks.

I had been disenchanting all the sword/mace quest rewards so I didn’t have a weapon to try out Combat again.  I finally found one as a quest reward so I switched to Combat to try it out for a few Twilight Highland quests.

I read the spell priorities, set up my bars/keybinds and went off to kill stuff for the Twilight Highlands “wedding” quest chain.

I wasn’t doing too badly although it didn’t seem as if stuff was dying any faster with Combat than with Sub, until I got to the Nightmare quest chain.

You know the part where you have to rescue four guys caught in the tentacles?  Well, I died a minimum of two times per tentacle – sometimes three times before I got it.

Yeah, that’s with the NPCs helping me.

It wouldn’t have been too bad if I didn’t get three or four of those stupid ooze things beating on me while I was killing a tentacle.

I eventually got it but I don’t know if I’m just playing Combat wrong or if I just really, really stink at playing a Rogue.

To add insult to injury, tentacles and oozes don’t have any pockets to pick.

Consumed by Nightmare

Consumed by Nightmare

I switched back to Sub and tweaked around a few talent points because the “standard” build I was using didn’t have any points at all in Nightstalker – a talent I find extremely useful for quests.

It’s amazing how many mobs I can avoid killing with a couple seconds knocked off of Stealth.  I know, it’s not in a “proper” Sub dps build but I don’t have to worry about a raiding spec for very, very long time – if ever!

After the Tentacle Disaster I went back to Mount Hyjal to finish up all the quests I needed to open the Molten Front.

I’m not sure how many I have to do so I’m just plugging along enjoying the “easy mode” because all the mobs are green to me.  I can two-shot everything now that I out-level it.  A far cry from getting killed with every mob when I first did the starter quests!

I got all the way up to the Jousting quest before I quit for the night.  If there wasn’t a couple of pet rewards for doing that quest I’d skip it because I really, really don’t like that joust mechanic.

The stuff I’ll suffer through for a pet amazes me sometimes…

Speaking of pets, I got the Strand Crawler in my Bag of Fishing Disappointments.  Apparently my Rogue is also starting a nice collection of Worthless Colored Glass…

Strand Crawler

Strand Crawler

I know I’m not going to learn anything about correctly playing a Rogue by doing easy quests but once I get the Molten Front quest chain open I’m going to work on learning Combat and Sub so I can be reasonably competent with both.

At least, that’s my theory…