As a Rogue

Luckily it was an all-guild “normal” dungeon run and we popped Vortex Pinnacle.

Ha! I thought, “easy mode.”

Let’s see…we had a Paladin tank, a Shadow Priest, Mage, Holy Priest and me.  We were all (mostly) under-geared in quest greens except the Holy Priest who was rocking raid gear.

If I had any doubts about my ability to handle dungeon mobs as a Rogue, well…my suspicions were confirmed.

I absolutely stink.  No question about it.

No, it wasn’t just the 3k less dps I was doing than everyone else.  Heck, all I did was average about 3k dps.

It was trying to keep behind the mobs so I could actually do something – anything at all – that required me to be looking at a mob butt.

And what do you do when you can’t be in melee range?  You know that one fight where you have to go running in and out when the tornadoes close in.

I would just stand there like a stupid out of melee range until I remembered Rogues have thrown weapons.

I know, you’re thinking “Geez for crying out loud you didn’t really stand there like a stupid and throw weapons at the boss, did you?”

Why yes, yes I did!

The worst mobs were those flashy balls that zap you until you kill them.  Where exactly is their back?  Sure, I can Shadow Step to get behind the first one, but when it’s on cool down how do you know which side is their back?

Thrown weapons to the rescue!  I tried Fan of Knives but for some reason mashing my keybind didn’t do anything.

In fact, a lot of my keybinds didn’t do anything.  I could hit Backstab once, and the next time I tried it I would get the dreaded “a more powerful spell is active” message and it would be greyed out.

The tank gave me some sound advice on what I should be doing but I didn’t have the heart to tell him that was exactly what I was doing.

You know you’re really bad when you’re doing the spell priorities in the correct order and you still look like you’re doing it all wrong.

On the bright side, I now know where I’m having problems (all of it) so I can work on fixing my mistakes.

I did have a couple of shining moments.  I got to use Sap for CC, and I remembered that Kick will interrupt.

Sapping a Mob

Sapping a Mob

Kick will interrupt even better if one remembers to use it during a cast instead of after the cast…

I also forgot about Tricks of the Trade and Vanish which might have been useful when I pulled aggro and a mob was beating on me.

Considering the huge arsenal of “stuff” Rogues have available to them, I forgot about a lot.

We killed all the bosses, no one died and a few nice upgrade pieces dropped for the tank and casters, but nothing for me –  not even anything useful from the quest rewards.

Vortex Pinnacle

Vortex Pinnacle

But honestly, the gear doesn’t matter so much as getting a little bit more experience and discovering that despite my complete failure, I still love playing a Rogue and how much I appreciate very patient guildies!

What bothers me the most is that I was surrounded by plenty of Elite mobs with big, juicy pockets and completely forgot to Pick Pocket even one of them.