Guild Contest – 5k for the first person(s) to level up characters the guild needs for the Classy Achievement!

I like gold, so I dusted off my Worgen Death Noob stuck at level 68, purchased a few heirlooms for extra experience, and planned to quest my way to level 85 and 5000 gold!

I picked up a few Death Noob tips from a guildie and was rocking my way through the Borean Tundra starter quests.

I made it to level 70 in record time when someone announced they were going to race change a DK, so I put my Death Noob back on the shelf for now.

Death Noob Level 70

Death Noob Level 70

Oh well.  At least I got her Alchemy up a few more points.  I also missed the ability to Stealth and Pick Pocket.  While Death Grip is definitely entertaining, Pick Pocket is a lot more fun.

Apparently I posted a rather embarrassing screen shot of someone stuck in a tree, so to redeem myself here is a very nice screen shot of us on the boat during a Looking for Loot…err…Looking for Disappointments….err…Looking for Raid.

Looking for Loot

Looking for Loot

That transmog tier set looks fantastic!

Of course, nothing useful dropped.  I’m not sure I even need to run it anymore, but it’s fun and something to do.

I logged back on my Rogue and took her to the Darkmoon Faire because she was only a few tickets away from getting a pet.

It was a tough decision as to which pet to get – what pet would be best suited for a Rogue?

A monkey, of course!

Darkmoon Faire Monkey

Darkmoon Faire Monkey

I could imagine a Rogue training a monkey to pick pocket – I might even look for a matching transmog outfit!

It’s probably time for my Rogue to start running dungeons for gear so I looked at what was available to me in LFD and the first of three “normals” on the list was Grim Batol.

Yeah, right.

So…I closed LFD and noticed TB was starting in a few minutes.

According to the Rogue Manual I should be an over-powered PvP machine in any battleground.

I think the Alliance was defending but there were only a few of us so we lost.  I managed to Sap a few Horde so that’s always exciting, and I even got a couple of achievements.

Make Love, Not Warcraft

Make Love, Not Warcraft

Yes, my gear is horrible and my Hit was too low as I was missing a lot. I died a few times but it was fun so I might do it again just to practice up my Rogue skills.

I might even make her the Leatherworking starter PvP set…if I ever get my Leatherworking character leveled up.

100 Honorable Kills

100 Honorable Kills

At least I finished that horrible Thrall quest chain and got her the cloak.

Now, don’t get me wrong – it’s really a great story and ends with a wedding – and I love weddings!

It’s the actual quests that are horrible.  Killing stuff to fill a bar to 100 when each mob is about 5 points?  And if you die the bar gets reset so you have to start over?  Yes, it does – I tried continuing when the bar disappeared and when it showed up again it was reset.

The final quest at the totems was extra horrible because it only counted kills within a certain range of the totem.  Fine, except there weren’t enough mobs around so I would have to wait for respawns or pull other mobs close and hope it was close enough to count for the bar.

Just tell me to kill x number of whatever and forget the stupid bars!

Nothing like ruining a good story with horrid quest mechanics.

I’ve got a few more quests to do but after that long, dragged out quest chain I don’t think I’ll do any quests for a while.

Maybe I’ll see if I can train that monkey to pick pocket…