I made the big push through Twilight Highlands and got my Rogue to level 85.

Level 85

Level 85

It wasn’t too painful, just very, very slow…

Yes, I died a few times (stupid Dragonmaw) when I got more than two attacking me but I didn’t die nearly as much as my squishy Priest.

I’d like to say it was because I was playing a rogue to it’s full potential – with sneakiness and strategy – but I can’t take credit for surviving.

It was all because of Vanish.

OMG I love Vanish!  It take me out of combat and I can stealth and run like a chicken!

Aggro that Highland Dragon by mistake?  Vanish!  Oh look – six Dragonmaw running after me?  Vanish!  Warlord Halthar forgets I don’t have the quest yet and charges me? Vanish!

I believe the times I did die was because Vanish was on cool down.  I’m going to make sure I have the talent point, get the glyph and remember to use Preparation!

I have more quests to do in Twilight Highlands before I open up the dailies, and I have to go back to Mount Hyjal and finish the quest chain to open up the Molten Front but I’m sure at level 85 I’ll do much better in Mount Hyjal than my first round where I died at the starter quests.

I got enough quest gear upgrades to open up all the “normal” dungeons including a thrown weapon upgrade.

Yeah, I’m nervous about dungeons.  Melee is a whole different perspective than ranged.  I have to be more aware of certain mechanics and run out at the right times to avoid getting stomped (I’m looking at you, Servias Windterror!)

But I need the gear so I guess that’s the only option for now.  My Priest has a lot of VP to purchase boots and bracers later on.  I don’t want to purchase anything too soon as I believe even gear in the bank boosts your ilvl, and I sure don’t want to accidentally get into an Heroic dungeon!

I still forget to re-apply poisons so I’m going to look at a few Rogue addons and see if I can find something useful or set it up in Power Auras.  I could also use a few macros so I’ll check those out as well.

Best part about being a Level 85 Rogue?

I finally get to open all those 425 lockboxes taking up my bank space!