We finally killed Deathwing.

Deathwing's End

Deathwing's End

Better screen shots and full story at Looking For More and Kerick’s perspective at Reputation Grind!

Yeah, where’s my BiS weapon you stupid dragon?? Ha! Ha! I think a sword dropped which was probably a good thing.

It wouldn’t have looked too good for the guild if all the priests in the raid were brawling through the streets of Stormwind to see who gets the priest weapon…although it would make a few interesting screen shots!

Crits & Giggles Kills Deathwing

Crits & Giggles Kills Deathwing

Of course, on the fight that matters, my dps tanked.  I was switching between my lovely RF helm with the 4-piece bonus/crappy stats and my “regular” helm with no bonus/better stats when I thought the bonus would umm…be a bonus.

What I didn’t realize until much later is that I had reforged my gear for the RF helm which put my Hit to over 18% with my regular helm.


So…on the big fight where we finally get the stupid dragon, I was the worst dps ever.

Oh well.

I guess I’ll just leave the RF helm with the 4-piece bonus in the bank and hope a real helm token drops before MoP is released.

Fishing Derby

It was a rare Saturday afternoon I didn’t have anything to do (yes, I should be packing but blah…) so I thought I’d try the fishing derby since it’s all I have left for the Salty title.

I caught the Blacktip Shark at the exact same moment a winner was announced.

Fishing Derby

Fishing Derby

Oh well again.

I turned it in for my Bag of Fishing Disappointments and got two lovely pieces of Worthless Orange Glass worth about 4 copper.

Almost 85

On the bright side, I got my Rogue through enough of Deepholm to open up the Therazane dailies, and about 1/4 of the way to level 85.

I put off going to Uldum until I got a few more gear upgrades so I’m not dying as much.  Uldum was going fine until I got the quest The Defilers’ Ritual.  Sap one add, attack the second add that aggros Neferset, sapped add attacks then a whole bunch of snakes come out.

So…I had two adds, Neferset and snakes.  The perfect time for Fan of Knives!  Except FoK hits like a wet noodle – dead Rogue.

I never could solo this one with my Priest, Troll Druid or my Rogue so I wasn’t surprised.  Luckily a guildie was available to help me so I got it done – thank goodness for guildies!

Experience has sure slowed down a lot without the heirlooms.  I had a chance to replace the guild helm with a nice blue quest reward helm, but the experience drop was noticeable so I’ll keep the guild version until level 85.

I should start thinking about running some dungeons.  The “normal” versions have opened up in LFD but I’m just not very confident in my Rogue abilities yet.  I suppose the only way to improve is to bite the bullet and terrorize random LFD groups with what I’ve got.

I also have to tweak my spec a bit since I’ve got a few points great for questing but not so great for dungeons.  I think I saw a Sub spec for dungeons I’ll have to try.

I’ve never done a dungeon (or much else) as melee, so that should be very interesting…

Darkmoon Faire

Love the Darkmoon Faire!  Time to drag out all the alts I’ve been leveling up crafting professions for the big quest boost!

I also managed to get enough tickets for one mount so I got the Dancing Bear.

Dancing Bear Mount

Dancing Bear Mount

While my Rogue was fishing at the Faire, someone clicked the cannon button a little too soon and got stuck in a tree.

Stuck in a Tree

Stuck in a Tree

Ten points if you can guess who it is!