Last night was a server (Alliance side) transmog contest organized by Nemesister, who also provided rather generous prizes for the winners including a “Hog” for first place!

We gathered at the Cathedral steps for the “judging” and even had a fireworks display!

Nah, I didn’t win but everyone who showed up received a gift-wrapped item (I got an alchemy recipe.)

It was a lot of fun to see what other people were doing with transmogrification and there were more than few amazing “outfits.”

Transmog Contest

Transmog Contest

Thanks for putting it together (and all the wonderful prizes!) Nemesister – it would be great if we had a lot more events like this in the future!

Speaking of the future, Nemesister “hinted” that there might be another one – with a Vial of the Sands for First Prize, so get working on those transmog sets!

Mr. Pinchy’s Revenge

I’m the first to admit I’m just an “averge” if not downright “mediocre” WoW player.  I don’t have all the Achieves, I’m not the best DPS, I’m not a “hardcore” raider or PvP goddess or even the best pet/mount collector.

But one thing I can do is catch Mr. Pinchys – sometimes more than one at a time.  Every time an alt quests through Outland, I’ll catch him and get the pet on the first wish.

Every single time.

Except for my Rogue.

Sure I had no problem catching Mr. Pinchy, but I didn’t get a pet on the first wish, or the second or the third.  I got Benevolent Mr. Pinchy, Mr. Pinchy’s Gift and Mr. Pinchy’s Blessing.

I had to go back to Outland, fish for an hour and catch a second Mr. Pinchy.

First wish – Benevolent Mr. Pinchy.  This was not looking good.

Was Mr. Pinchy tired of me catching him and withholding the pet as punishment?

Luckily I got the pet on second wish, but it made me wonder if my Mr. Pinchy luck has run out…

Mr. Pinchy's Magical Crawdad Box

Mr. Pinchy's Magical Crawdad Box

Oh well.

At least my Rogue was doing much better questing. I did the quest for the chest piece and that replaced my last “level 80” heirloom gear (except the trinket I forgot about.)

I dinged 82 then picked up the Hero’s Call Board quest to Deepholm, where I immediately became bottom of the food chain and a tasty snack for Flayers.

I’m not too worried.  I have to eat/bandage after killing one mob but it should get easier as I get better gear rewards.

Deepholm isn’t my “favorite” zone for leveling (it’s much more fun at 85) since one can’t “skip” around with quests, but if I want that Enchant I’ll push myself through it.

Thank goodness I at least have Stealth.