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A big thank you to khizzara for the guild invite for my baby Horde Priest and the omg Netherweave Bags!  Squeee!

I’m leveling Catniptoy the Second as Disc in hopes that it will help me re-learn healing.

Usually it’s not too bad even if stuff dies a little slow.

Except for some quests I tried to do in Northern Barrens at Nozzlepot’s Outpost…

I’m not sure what level I was – maybe around level 14 or 15.  The level 16 mobs were yellow to me and level 17s were red.

I ran into a rare mob underwater looking for some sludge – a big, nasty red level 19 mob but I managed to kill it and was feeling quite proud of myself.

Rare Sludge Anomaly

Rare Sludge Anomaly

I thought since I could kill the level 19 rare the red level 17s wouldn’t be a problem.

Yeah, that went well.

I could kill one at a time but apparently the red mobs could spot me from miles around and they would all come running to the party.

There was also rare mob Foreman Grills patting around the area I needed to get to for a quest mob at the top of a platform.

Sure, I could kill the regular mobs one at a time along the way but I was killing them so slow Foreman Grills would have plenty of time to walk all the way back to where I was fighting one mob and kill me very efficiently.

I also discovered a second rare mob – Engineer Whirleygig – who apparently also had an issue with me trying to get to the platform and didn’t have a problem helping Foreman Grills stomp me into the ground.

After dying four or five times I finally came up with a brilliant plan – I would rez at the top of the platform right beside the quest mob.

Yes, it was risky because I’d rez with half health/mana and be immediately in combat with no chance to drink but with my PWS and a couple of wimpy heal spells I estimated I would survive long enough to kill him before running OOM.

It was actually working.  I was beating the guy down and even whapping him with my staff a few times to conserve mana for my big Mind Blast finish.

What I didn’t count on was him fleeing in terror just before my final death blow and bringing the entire platform of mobs back with him – including my good buddy Foreman Grills.

Rinse and repeat.  I tried it again and got him the second time before he ran away.  I was stuck at the top of the platform surrounded by mobs but didn’t feel like fighting my way back down again, so I just jumped off the platform and made a run for it.

Of course I aggroed every mob in the entire region and died but at least I got the quests finished and limped back to Nozzlepot’s Outpost to turn them in.

That’s when I realized there was one quest I hadn’t turned in back at the platform.  Yeah, like I’m going back there again for another kill fest.

I’ll just keep the quest and turn it in when I’m about level 50 or so.

Dungeon Finder Fun

I went back to Orgrimmar and debated whether or not to queue as healer since the Dungeon Finder was now available for me.

No heirlooms, very little green gear, lots of empty gear slots and I still was wearing a couple of “white” item quest rewards with zero stats.

There still wasn’t very much green gear available at the Auction House I could wear (and afford) but I found a couple of cheap upgrades so I didn’t look like a total failure.

Anyway, isn’t the point of running dungeons to get better gear?

I was tempted to queue as dps but I thought what the heck – might as well just jump in and see what happens.  Worst case scenario I get kicked.

So…I queued as healer and zoned into an “in progress” Deadmines.

I almost quit right there but I thought I’ll hang around and see what happens.

I’m glad I did.  The tank and a dps warlock were from the same guild and server.  No problems at all even if the tank died a couple times (yeah, ran out of my LoS and I wasn’t fast enough with a couple of heals) but no raging or blaming – rezzed him up and we kept going.



I won the Lavishly Jeweled Ring and Corsair’s Overshirt that was not only a huge upgrade for me but sexy to boot!

We chain-queued a few more dungeons after that and I got a couple of nice gear upgrades.

The last dungeon we got was Wailing Caverns and oh my!  Lots of juicy intellect/spirit gear!

Wailing Caverns

Wailing Caverns

Unfortunately, we had picked up a Mage along the way and she won all my nice spirit gear including those shoulders but at least I won the “green” boots that replaced my “white” boots.

After the group called it a night I was just a little short of level 20, so I queued for one more dungeon and got Shadowfang Keep.

Yeah, I forgot about the class quest to get the weapon before I queued but I don’t know if it would have been available before level 20 anyway.

This was a lot tougher to heal and I had to really keep on my toes.  I was also more painfully aware of how slow my spells were casting and people died a few times.

I don’t know if it was because of over-geared heirlooms and me severely under-geared, player/healer errors or just a tougher dungeon but it was a good learning experience for me.

I made it to level 20 then took the long trip back to Silvermoon City to get my ride!

Finally a Ride!

Finally a Ride!

I didn’t get a chance to do much gathering but I sold a few more auctions and made up the gold I spent on my upgrades so I ended the night with about 99 gold – not too bad at all!

March 2012

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