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Monday was a holiday, so it was a great time to work on leveling that pesky cooking since my rogue hit level 68 and I could get the heck out of Outland.

I had sadly neglected my cooking skills (about level 172) so I had to “catch up” to take advantage of the Outland/Northrend daily cooking and fishing quests when I hit level 70.

Levels 60-68 are painful.  I’d been through Outland recently enough to know which quests to skip, especially the “get 20 bear butts” quests with horrible drop rates.

I would probably enjoy Outland a lot more if I didn’t have to kill 40 mobs to get 5 quest items.  If I have to endure the low drop rates, at least give me mobs with pockets to pick!

Blade’s Edge Mountains is particularly painful.

“Go kill 30 ogres.”

Okay, I can do that since I’m going there anyway to steal some brew and crystals.

Here’s your brew and crystals – anything else before I leave?

“Ummm…yeah…go kill 30 more ogres.”

I don’t suppose you could have told me that the first time I went there?  Sorry, gotta run…I hear they need some help over at Toshley’s Station…

“Take this gizmo then use it on the eggs to get some stuff and keep using it until you get the one you need and hopefully you won’t get killed before it changes and blah, blah, blah…”

Sorry, too gimmicky – gotta run!

The only thing that gets me through Outland without screaming are the Ethereals.  I’ll do their quests simply because I love they way they look and I would absolutely kill for an “authentic” Ethereal transmog outfit!

So…I wasted the entire day leveling up cooking.  Running all over to get skill-up recipes, fishing and hunting for cooking mats but I finally got cooking to 360 and fishing to 391.

While I was killing raptors for eggs in Wetlands, I found another Matriarch, Matriarch’s Nest with a Razormaw Hatchling and a Treasure Chest!

Razormaw Matriarch and Nest

Razormaw Matriarch and Nest

I even caught Mr. Pinchy.

Mr. Pinchy

Mr. Pinchy

But I didn’t get the pet!  First time I haven’t got the pet on the first wish – I got Benevolent Mr. Pinchy.  Ugh.  Hope I get the pet so I don’t have to catch him all over again!

I bid a fond farewell to Outland, picked up the starter quests in Borean Tundra and finally made it to level 70.

Level 70

Level 70

I wasn’t doing too bad in Northrend. Completely forgot to switch to Combat to better handle multiple mobs that would aggro from a few inches away from me, but I didn’t die much.

Until I started the quests in Coldarra…

I’d get a bunch of mobs on me and would die every time.  Not sure what I was doing wrong but I couldn’t kill anything fast enough.

Eventually I got most of the quests finished, so I went back to Dalaran to vendor trash and that’s when I noticed I was still wearing my Fishing Hat…

Oh well.

I now officially have 5 characters stuck in Northrend.  It’s not that I dislike Northrend, it just seems a very long, long road to level 80, and everything is suddenly “serious business.”

I plan to push everyone through to at least level 80 – if not level 85 – before MoP is released since I want to level up professions as well.

Northrend is just where I seem to hit the wall…

On the bright side, my divorce went to court on Friday so I can officially disenchant my wedding rings and find a nice, well-geared tank to run some dungeons…err….I mean I can put away my wedding rings and find a nice man for dinner and movie…

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