Thanks to Koalabear21 – who made a Troll Rogue just for me – I got the last achievement I needed to finish up Love is in the Air.

Fool For Love

Fool For Love

Fortunately, the only achievements I have left for the drake do not involve hunting down specific race/class combinations, so I don’t anticipate any problems finishing them up.

I haven’t even paid much attention to the Holiday Boss drops – not that I usually get anything interesting anyway.  I’ve been looking more at getting enough tokens to get the new mount, and I might be able to squeeze out enough before the holiday ends.

I’ve also been slacking off on holiday dailies with my alts.  I should make the effort to do them as it’s pretty much a “free” experience boost and might help get a few of them out of Outland.

Babe in Firelands

So…when I was asked to come along on a FL run to get stuff for a Legendary – on my Troll Druid – I wasn’t even sure I could get in.

I haven’t logged on with her much lately, so she was rocking green and blue ilvl 312 gear in Balance spec.

But they just needed a warm body.  It sure wasn’t my “leet deeps” because I was pulling an astonishing 5k and considered myself lucky if I actually did enough dps to even get on the chart.

Adventures in Firelands

Adventures in Firelands

Well, I totally forgot how to play Balance.  Someone needed a battle rez and I couldn’t find it on my bars because I forgot what the icon looked like.  I’d hit my Mind Blast keybind and wonder why it wasn’t working.

Let’s see…on the hatchling birds some AoE would be great here…now where’s my Mind Sear?  No wait a minute…what have I got?  I’ve got mushrooms!  I can blast those little birdies!

I know what you’re thinking.  “You really didn’t use mushrooms to blast the birdies, did you?”

Why yes, yes I did.

Adventures in Firelands

Adventures in Firelands

In fact, just about everything I did was so totally absurd and my dps so pathetic that I couldn’t do much else but laugh (seriously, I’m still laughing every time I think about how I blew up birdies with mushrooms.)

And I do not feel one bit guilty laughing at myself.  It’s not as if my contribution was going to make or break an encounter since it was “easy mode” for everyone else.

All I had to do was the best dps I could manage to make stuff die a little faster and stay out of the fire.

As someone said to me, “Some dps is better than no dps.”

And yes, I can do “some.”

I see someone posted logs if anyone is interested in “theorycrafting” my deeps or at least needs a chuckle (Oh come on!  The logs don’t have my blast birdies with mushrooms???)

I also got a lot of gear/weapon upgrades that were kindly passed to me (and totally didn’t earn) and a renewed interest in working on my Druid since I had a lot of fun – thanks everyone!

I’d still like to try Druid Healing, and I might even try a normal dungeon or two…