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No, not a Trade Troll – a Rogue Troll.

It’s the last one I need for Fistful of Love and the absolute last one I need for the title.

After camping out the “usual” spots where the Horde hang out – Uldum for the daily, Dalaran (just in case) and even spending several hours at DMF (except for the weekly LFR – yeah, the tokens I needed dropped but I don’t want to talk about it…) I can positively confirm there is no such thing as a Troll Rogue.

It’s a lie – just like the Cake is a Lie.  There is no chocolate in the Delicious Chocolate Cake, and there are no Troll Rogues in all of Azeroth (at least on my server.)

The DMF had the most Horde hanging around, so I parked myself right at the spot where characters zone in, and if it was one I needed, I would chase them down until I could toss my petals.

Another good spot was at the DMF arena, but no Troll Rogues.  I would assume that since Rogues are a popular choice for PvP there would be a ton of them around the arena, and there were lots of Rogues of every shape, form and race – except the elusive Troll.

At one point all I needed was a Troll Rogue and an Orc Shaman, and sure enough I found several Orc Rogues and Troll Shamans.

It’s this type of stuff that makes one want to bang one’s head on the keyboard over and over and over…

Since I really don’t have a kingdom to give for a Troll Rogue, I might have to resort to creating a trial account and making one myself – if that would even work.

I managed to get I Pitied the Fool finished up – a relatively easy Achievement even with the dreaded PvP components.

Wintergrasp was interesting.  Gone are the days of massive battles I remembered in Wrath.  There were exactly five of us on the Alliance side.  I pitied my fool, then stayed to fight the battle against a few Horde.

Not one Troll Rogue.

We lost.

A guildie needed the Naxx fool, so we went together and got that one done.  Then we queued for AB, but for some reason she got in but I didn’t.  When I tried to queue, it said a member of my party had already queued.  She got the AB completed but I had to leave party and re-queue for it again.

This was a slightly bigger battle – about 20 or so players.  I found the Blacksmith, did the pity and stayed to fight.

It took forever.

There wasn’t a Troll Rogue in sight.

We lost.

On the bright side, I got the Achievement and picked up one of the  DMF PvP quest drops from a dead Horde.

I Pitied the Fool

I Pitied the Fool

With all the achievement chasing my Rogue has been a little neglected, but I did get her to level 50 and she’s ready to go to Outland.

Level 50

Level 50

I’ve got more than few characters “stuck” in Outland. I really don’t like Hellfire Peninsula and it’s painful to quest through that zone.

Once Love is in the Air is over, I should make the effort to push them all through Outland and at least get to the starter zones in Northrend, and pick up my level 82 Hunter again to keep questing through Cataclysm.

Yikes…lots to do!  Good thing I signed up for the Annual Pass…

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