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Yeah, I hit the wall as Rogue God and Queen of the Eastern Kingdoms when I quested in Badlands to Swamp of Sorrows.

Fortunately with all the BoAs I didn’t have to stay in any zone very long before I leveled out of it.  Lots of runners I’d have to chase after, and if I didn’t kill them fast enough they’d bring back all their friends.

Two Mobs + One Rogue (Zero Combo Points – Recuperate x (Forgot Premeditation + Poisons)) = Dead Rogue.

So…I still have a few bugs to iron out.

I finally leveled enough to go to Winterspring (cute cub pet and start the Frostsaber grind) and suddenly I’m back to Rogue God and on my way to be crowned Queen of Kalimdor.

One minor, horrible problem though with Winterspring quests so far….

Yetis don’t have pockets to pick.

Love is in the Air

Love is in the Air started yesterday, on the tail end of the Lunar Festival and doubled up with the Darkmoon Faire.

Now, I love the new Darkmoon Faire – it’s a lot of fun, new “stuff” to save up tickets to buy, and quests to give a little push for leveling professions.

I’ll take the time to send all my alts there just for the profession boost if nothing else.  Yes, I am foolishly leveling an Enchanter, Jewelcrafter and Alchemist – all at the same time.

I decided a while ago that I would be diligent getting achieves, pets, etc. on my main Shadow Priest since that’s the character I love playing the most and have invested the most time.  Hard to believe I’ve spent almost two years on that Priest!

I know that isn’t much compared with people who have been playing for years, but for me it’s the longest played character I’ve got and just feels right for me.

So I’ve been suffering through all the Word Event PvP Achieves in hopes that I might get the Violet Proto-Drake this year.

Unfortunately I slaked off Love is in the Air last year because of RL divorce stuff (on the bright side my time is my own now so I can play WoW whenever I feel like it) so I’ve got the last two nasty achieves to finish up.

A Fistful of Love (2 done) and I Pitied the Fool (0 done.)

Yeah, it’s going to take a while.

What’s worse is the new mount for a boat load of tokens, and I need a boat load of tokens to get the Achieves.  I might have to skip the mount this year and just finish up the achieves.

I thought I’d just go grinding for Lovely Charms and took along the quest for the Grizzly Trophy and ended up with 250 trophies, about 80 charms and 600g worth of Embersilk Cloth.

I turned in the trophies so that shouldn’t be interfering with charm collection – at least I hope it doesn’t.

If I play my tokens right and get those achieves done early, I might have time to get enough for the new mount.

If I don’t, well…there is always next year.

Dragon Soul

No joy yet – Deathwing is still wiping the universe, but everything up until then has been smashingly good.  Even that flipping boat fight that makes me bang my head on the keyboard.

Think we got him down to about 6% – 7%?  It was close but need to squeak out a bit more DPS.

I suppose I could blame my poor performance on the cat.  During one the attempts my cat decided not only was it an opportune time to jump on my lap, but it was also an excellent time to yammy into my bowl of “raid snack” fresh strawberries.

Yes, it was the cat.

I might have enough VPs to upgrade one of my lovely 378s before raid night, but I’m not very hopeful about anything from LFR – way, way way too much competition and couple that with my usual “stellar” rolls between 1-12, and well…tier is nothing but a dream.

Yup…every time a tier token drops and I lose, I tear up (get it??? tier?? tear?? Ha! Ha!)

Good news – I could transmog my First Mate Hat so now I look like a raggy Ghost Priest Pirate.  Just wish it wouldn’t hide my lovely pigtails under the hat.

Raggy Ghost Pirate Priest

Raggy Ghost Pirate Priest

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