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Compared with leveling a Priest, Rogues are god-mode.

As much as I love my priests, getting through all those levels – even with full BoAs – is slow and painful.  It’s not the wimpy cloth armor, it’s the constant OOM.

Kill two mobs at your level and you have to drink.  Kill one a little higher level than you and you have to drink.

It takes forever as once past those first very early levels where you get “instant” health/mana regen, it slow down to a crawl.  Even my level 76 Horde Shadow Priest-in-training can’t do a dungeon or quest without stopping every couple of kills for a drink.

I suppose this is to prepare one for the clunky “mana matters” healing play style at end game, but come on – Shadow Priests don’t (usually) heal so better scaling would make getting to at least level 80 a lot less painful.

I think it might just be priests who have mana issues from level 10 and up since the big regen mechanics don’t kick in until much later.  I don’t remember having such horrible mana problems with a mage, druid or even a paladin.

Maybe that’s why in comparison to leveling a priest, my rogue seems incredibly over-powered.  I’m sure rogues are all balanced out by level 85, but right now…

Fear me, for I am a Rogue God.  I am Queen of the Eastern Kingdoms.  I can sneak up behind you, pick your pockets then kill you.  You won’t see me – heck, you won’t even know what hit you.

Lord Sakrasis

Lord Sakrasis

I started out as a Combat Rogue and then picked Subtlety for my dual spec.  I already had the BoA sword and mace for Combat, so when I thought I’d give Subtlety a try I got the BoA dagger.

After reading a few Rogue leveling guides, I decided to get the BoA PvP dagger for off-hand and the JP trinket.  My main had a lot of honor points collecting dust, so I purchased the dagger and converted the rest to JP.

I was a few JP short for the trinket, so off I went to a random battleground and got Strand of the Ancients for enough honor to convert to the last JP I needed.

I didn’t know at the time it was Over-Powered Paladin Night.  I don’t know if we had any paladins in the battleground (considering the damage numbers I’d say no) but we won and my Shadow Priest picked up a couple of achievements along with the honor.

Strand of the Ancients

Strand of the Ancients

Not bad considering I usually spend most of any battleground in the graveyard…

I sent all the shiny new BoAs to my rogue, then logged over to her for more questing.  I switched over to Combat to add a few talent points, picked up a few glyphs then headed over to Western Plaguelands.

I probably wasn’t playing it right, but Combat seemed a little slow killing stuff even with my new spells.

So after a very helpful discussion with guildies, I switched back to Subtlety, took their advice and was back to god-mode.

Subtlety just seems to work better for me than Combat.  I might try switching Combat for Assassination just to try it out.  Anyway, Subtlety just feels more “rogue-like” than Combat – all sneaky and stealthy with nasty daggers.

By the time I was ready for Eastern Plaguelands I was back to god-mode, one- or two-shotting everything and leveling fast again.

Level 40

Level 40

But I’m not in any hurry.  I’m actually having a lot of fun picking pockets and opening up lock boxes.  I even found a few Tailoring patterns my Priest didn’t have yet hiding in boxes, and the free poisons are just a bonus.

If I think my rogue is over-powered now, just think how much more over-powered she will be if I remember to apply my poisons…

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