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My Rogue made it to level 80 – yippee!

Level 80

Level 80

A quick stop in Dalaran to vendor junk, blast off my level 80 Fireworks (why don’t we get anything for level 85???) and I was ready for Mount Hyjal.

Fireworks in Dalaran

Fireworks in Dalaran

I had a plan.

I would blast through the starter quests, replace as much of my heirloom level 80 gear as I could, probably get to level 81 (or 82 if I was lucky) and then finish off the evening spamming trade for a BS to make me a rod I needed for Enchanting.

It started out well enough – go to Moonglade, get a ride, see Deathwing/Ragnaros, blah, blah, blah…

Picked up The Earth Rises and Inciting the Elements.

Yeah, the starter quests.

I couldn’t kill anything without dying at least a couple of times for each mob.

The inciters were particularly difficult – I couldn’t Sap them or get behind them and they stomped me into the ground before I could knock a quarter of their health down.  Recuperate didn’t do much fast enough.

So…I became very friendly with the Spirit at the graveyard.

Guild Chat:

Me:  I can’t kill these mobs in the starter quests
Guildie:  What spec are you?
Me:  Sub
Guildie:  O_O
Guildie:  Not to be a dick, but how did you get to level 80?
Me:  a miracle…

Yes, I am living proof that one can get to level 80 without knowing how to play one’s class – at all.

On the bright side, I can pick pocket like a boss.

Switched to Combat spec (and filled in the talent points I had neglected for Combat), equipped my sword and promptly got stomped back into the ground.

Yeah, I forgot how to play Combat.

It was getting late so I dragged my sorry behind back to Stormwind and made plans to read up on Combat before trying again.

It’s going to be a long, long road to 85.

It seems fitting to end this depressing post with a suitable screen shot of my main and play a little game:  Find the Shadow Priest.

Find the Shadow Priest

Find the Shadow Priest

Nothing for me in Looking for Loot this week either. Both the main hand/off hand weapons dropped that I need, but I didn’t win either one.

Oh, and Elgar…you know that helm token you wanted?

It dropped in LFR Part 2… 😦

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