I was filling in for the Saturday night raid again, and one of the “grown-up” raiders has a little Raider-in-Training.

For some reason, Little Raider has picked up my character’s name and enjoys shouting it out over Vent once in a while.

Now, I suppose there are all sorts of linguistic/scientific reasons – easy consonants and vowels, syllables, etc. etc. but it’s incredibly cute and it’s like having my own cheering section.

When I hear Little Raider saying my character’s name, I also hear:

“Go!  Get the Big Bad Monster!  So what if you died first and wiped the raid?  You can do it!”


We got to take an unscheduled short break because apparently my character’s name is also a Little Raider code-word for “my diaper needs changing.”

Oh well.

And I thought it was because I was a Hero….