I went along on a “regular” raid to fill in for the night, and the Boss of the Day was Ultraxion.

An interesting fight – stack up, wait for cast, hit the button at the right time, rinse and repeat if you get the debuff.

Of course, this isn’t too bad if one has a cast bar timer addon that displays the seconds so one can pick the right time.

If you don’t, well….

Ultraxion - Another Classic First Dead Photo Op

Ultraxion - Another Classic First Dead Photo Op

Okay, so I didn’t have a timer addon and if there is one in the Blizzard UI options I couldn’t find it.

So…I did the next best thing – watch the cast bar and count down.

Yeah,  it sounds like math, doesn’t it?

We all know how well math works for me so….

Ultraxion - Lots of First Dead Photo Ops

Ultraxion - Lots of First Dead Photo Ops

Oh well.

After the raid, I went “shopping” for an addon that would show a cast timer.  There are plenty available like the popular Quartz, but I took one look at the mish-mash of options I’d have to go through before getting one timer to work and ditched most of them.

Some actually made stuff I wanted to show up disappear into the Great Addon Void with no clear way of getting it back other than disabling it completely.

One didn’t look too bad so I tested it out on some mobs and it completely hid the visual when I got aggro.  Not very useful.

I finally found something that might work but I’ll have to try it out a few more times.  It will show the cast bar with seconds and that’s good.  It also shows every flipping cast of everything with not enough options to shut off the crap I don’t need, so I guess I’m still looking.

Do I really need a cast bar pop up showing the countdown when I’m eating a delicious Severed Head Fish Popsicle?  No, I really, really don’t – let me disable it somewhere.


I’ve been intermittently working on Gilneas rep since the new horse mounts were released.  Not the easiest task since quests are few so rep has to be done with the dungeon/tabard routine.

Fortunately, it works in most if not all dungeons, so I ran a few easy ones then finished up the last bit I needed in Magister’s Terrance.  Off to buy the two horses and completely forgot a screen shot – maybe later.

I was also about halfway through Honored with the Sha’tari Skyguard.  Not in a big hurry for this one since I already got the highest mount achievement so far and I’m not a big fan of the Nether Ray mounts, but hey!  It’s something to kill time and wow, this reputation grind does it beautifully.

1.  Do the dailies.

2.  Kill everything, gather up the stuff you need for the potions to find the scrolls, kill the elite trees, kill birds you can only see with the potion to get the scrolls, use scrolls to kill 4 bosses, turn in their body parts, then kill Terokk.

Repeat until you are Exalted or start seeing funny-looking birds in your kitchen.

Took me most of the day, but I finally got it.

Sha'tari Skyguard Achievement

Sha'tari Skyguard Achievement

I had forgotten I’m about 3 pets short for the last pet achievement and the Celestial Dragon, so the Nether Ray Fry was enough motivation for me to get it done.

Nether Ray Fry and Mount

Nether Ray Fry and Mount

Now I need to find two more pets that won’t cost every last gold piece I’ve got…