My first LFR…

Looking For Raid

Looking For Raid

Calling it Looking for Raid might be just a tad optimistic.

I think I’ll call it Looking For Rez.

Ha! Ha! Just kidding.

Actually it went quite well.  We had a couple of wipes and a few people jumped ship as soon as they got their “lootz”, but I thought it was fun considering there were 25 “strangers” some of whom had never done it before – including me.

I confess I hadn’t read up on all the fights.  I had done the first boss in a “regular” raid (never did get past the second one) so I had a bit of a clue.

I was also with a couple of guildies on vent who talked me through it and reminded me to “get out of the bad stuff noob!” and “Run!  Stack Up!  Run!  RUUUUUNNN!”

The Raid Leader was also prepared with macros that gave a short explanation of every fight.

Something went right because we finished it – I even managed to win a nice trinkie!

So…Looking For Raid?  It’s exactly what it’s advertised to be despite the inevitable forum QQ that “Waaaa! It’s not a real raid!”

Yes, boys and girls – Blizzard calls it Looking For Raid – not Looking for Something-So-Your-Little-Egos-Don’t-Get-Hurt-Because-You’re-Suffering-From-Grandiose-Delusions.


Even though I was a little suspect about 25 strangers working together long enough to kill bosses, it seemed to work.

Raids are not just about the mechanics – it’s also about having the social skills to communicate, work together as a team and copious amounts of patience.  Sure, it’s easy enough with your buddies but a bunch of strangers?

That’s a tougher challenge than any HM raid boss Blizzard could ever imagine.

It’s a much-needed addition to the game and fills a big gap between dungeons and “regular” raids with a plethora of added bonuses:

  • non-raiders get to see content and get some gear upgrades
  • a place to learn team-building social skills
  • a “training ground” for more difficult content
  • want to be a Raid Leader?  If you can manage LFR, you’ve got what it takes to be a leader

There are a few “bugs’ to be addressed as it’s new and will take some time (and a few patches) to fix, but I’ll be running it again even if I get to try the “regular” version.

Darkmoon Faire

After running DMF dailies every day, killing extra mobs for Grizzly Trophies and running old dungeons to get a few artifacts, I managed to scrape up enough DMF tickets to purchase one pet.

Talk about a tough decision!

Monkey?  Turtle?  Zeppelin?  Balloon? Or should I just save up for a mount?

Nah, the tickets were burning a hole in my pocket so I went with the Darkmoon Cub.

Darkmoon Cub

Darkmoon Cub

Yes, I love the cats…