I think I raced through every speed trap after work to get home and start downloading the new patch.

Fired up the computer, started the download then took the dog out for a walk.  I guessed it would be an hour or so before the patch was finished, but apparently most of it had already downloaded because there was only about 26 mg and it was done!

I loaded up all the stuff I’ve been storing the bank, got my void storage, then had to get a bunch of stuff repaired before I could deposit it.

No problem – got that done and spent a few thousand gold loading it up.

What next?

Transmogrification!  Woo Hoo!  What to wear, what to wear…

I decided to go with the Silver Thread Set to start.  Threw more gold at the Ethereals and voila!  Now I look snappy!

Then I noticed all my addons were broken.  Log out, get whatever addons had been updated, log back in.

Stood in Stormwind Trade District for a while admiring my new “look.”  Then I started thinking  I should have gone with the Ghostweave set.   Maybe later because…

I have mail!  My first Annual Pass perk – Tyrael’s Charger!  I have no idea who Tyrael is but it’s a flying horse.  Makes me feel a bit better after another disappointing Hallow’s End with no Headless Horseman Mount.

Tyrael’s Charger

Tyrael’s Charger

Check the Dungeon Finder and see the new dungeons listed.  I also have zero Valor points so here we go again.

I chickened out of the LFD because I only had a vague idea about them – not enough to get slammed in a PuG.

So…off to the MF to do the dailies because I was running out of gold.  Don’t know if the new priest glyph to hide shadow form is around yet so I could watch me fight in my snappy new outfit – can’t tell the difference in shadow form.

Then some guildies were asking if anyone wanted in on the new dungeons – hell yes!  It’s always more fun with a guildie or two.

Off we go and wipe a few times here and there but eventually we got it.  I don’t even remember what it was or how they work, but it was fun.

Heroic: End Time

Heroic: End Time

No more difficult than than ZA/ZG when they first came out.  Mostly just stay out of bad stuff, pew, pew, pew, pew – run stupid!  The usual but it’s new with a few interesting mechanics so that’s always refreshing.

Then a miracle happened – a cloth helm!  OMG A Cloth Helm!  A 378 Cloth Helm!  And I won it!

Ran to the Auction House to get my gems and I was about to get the enchant when Elgar asked who wanted to go along to the new dungeons – hell yes again!

Off we go with Elgar looking smokin’ hot in his transmogrified “retro” tier set and throwing out epic heals – he even got complimented on his healing from players on other servers!

I had a “duh” moment – we zoned in to the Hour of Twilight dungeon – Yay!  I get to kill Thrall!  No wait – we have to escort him somewhere?  Sigh, I guess we do – he has a quest.

I tried to pick up the quest but he kept running off and getting in combat so I couldn’t get the quest.  I must have run out of the instance by mistake because I was suddenly back in Stormwind, returned to the dungeon and started running after Thrall to get the quest again.

Everyone was killing mobs so I threw out some DoTs and finally caught up to Thrall to pick up the quest.

One of the PuG players asked me if I had a DPS set.  What?  Is my transmogrified gear confusing?  I replied, “this is my DPS set.”   Took me a minute to figure it out.  I looked at Recount and saw my DPS was the lowest at about 7k.

Fortunately I got the quest, did  my “regular” DPS and got back up to a respectable level.  I guess the poor PuG guy was a little worried about me being in a new Heroic with 7k DPS!

Heroic: Hour of Twilight

Heroic: Hour of Twilight

The worst fight was Queen Azshara – not that one actually fights her, just the adds.  This one was a wipe fest for our last group.  We went through a couple of tanks and healers but finally someone had a “plan” and we got it.

Heroic: Well of Eternity

Heroic: Well of Eternity

All the “old” heroics are now lumped into one LFD category.  I’m actually not too happy about this even though the ZA/ZG merry-go-round gets old, but I’d rather do a couple I know well than some of the old stuff I forget.

Oh well – I’ll be running the new ones anyway, and now is the time to run them when *everyone* is new and PuGs are a bit more forgiving.

I expect that will change any moment – “What??? This patch has been out 6 hours and you don’t know all the fights???  Noob!”