Holiday Turkey

It was certainly a week for turkeys!

Pilgrim’s Bounty was a World Event I completely missed last year so this time I was motivated to rack up a few Achievements and get that turkey pet!

Most of the achievements are very easy but I hit the wall with The Turkinator.  I had a spiffy macro to /tar Wild Turkey and that made it much better – I just kept running out of turkeys before the 30 seconds were up.

I’d get to about 33 or 35 turkeys then – bam! Nothing.  Start again.  Took about 3 tries but I finally got it.

At least it’s better than running the entire instance to kill Talon King Ikiss for the Terokkar Turkey Time Achievement and forgetting to wear your Pilgrim’s attire and have to do it all over again….not that I did that….

Then I realized that I also needed Pilgrim’s Peril to get the pet.  Yes, another annoying PvP Achievement that has you sitting at the opposite faction’s bounty tables in their capital cities.

I actually considered not bothering with it and forfeiting my turkey pet because I couldn’t decide if I hated PvP more than I wanted a turkey pet.

But the lure of a pet was stronger than my hatred for PvP so off I went to get repeatedly killed to get the achievement.

I had a plan – Silvermoon City, The Undercity, Thunder Bluff with the grande finale at Orgrimmar.  I had a bit of trouble finding the tables around Silvermoon City so it took longer sneaking around trying not to aggro guards and alerting Horde players, but no one was there.

Same at The Undercity.  Only a few lowbie Horde players around who didn’t bother attacking so that one was easy.

Thunder Bluff was easy as well – one level 23 Horde player who was sitting at the same table with me.

Orgrimmar was a little tougher because I was spotted right away by a couple of level 85s.  They started running towards me but they were so fat from Pilgrim’s Paunch I managed to easily out run them and got away with my Achievement and title.

Pilgrim's Peril and Pilgrim Achievements

Pilgrim's Peril and Pilgrim Achievements

And my Turkey Pet!

Plump Turkey Pet

Plump Turkey Pet

I didn’t bother trying this achievement with my Horde characters. Apparently Ironforge is next to impossible because of the guards.

I was there when a Horde shaman was attempting to sit at a table and would aggro guards before he had a chance to sit.  I didn’t attack him – instead I just /cheered him on, and after about 5 or 6 attempts he finally did it.  Not nearly as “easy” as the Alliance version.

Raid Turkey

I had the dubious honor of being the “Raid Turkey” this week.

I was picked to be the flying dps for Alysrazor since the regulars weren’t there so because I’d never done it before it was carefully explained to me about the buff and flying through the smoke rings so you don’t fall to the ground and go splat.

Yeah, that went well…

First Attempt and First Dead - Splat

First Attempt and First Dead - Splat

Second attempt….not much better.

Second Attempt and First Dead - Splat

Second Attempt and First Dead - Splat

If only Priests had something like Levitate so you wouldn’t go splat….

But when a cloth helm dropped, I forgot all about my humiliating Flying Priest attempts – a cloth helm!  A DPS cloth helm!  OMG!

I was feeling a little sick about it because I just knew I would roll another stupid 24 or something, but I didn’t.

I rolled a 14.

I think I cried a little when I waved goodbye to the beautiful cloth helm with dps stats as it was passed to the winner.

But you know what?  It’s perfectly fitting that I close off a Holiday Turkey week with a big fat Turkey Roll!