And Why It’s Important

Well, Saturday night was a raid and I was filling in with my Shadow Priest.  There were a few players like myself who hadn’t done much raiding so it was actually useful to go over the strats again since I hadn’t done much for a few weeks.

Heck, I haven’t even run any trolls since I don’t need the VPs any more (yeah, no helm yet /cry.)  I usually try to run at least one a day and/or hit the practice dummies just so I don’t get sloppy.

But I’ve been busy having fun with a bunch of alts and got a little “distracted” from my Shadow Priest so when raid night came up I wasn’t too surprised when my dps tanked (ha ha) a bit (actually a lot but I digress…)

I assumed I was just out of practice and would get up to speed during trash.

I was wrong.

Not only was my dps more crappy than usual, I kept running oom.  I never quite got to empty, but it seemed as if I was burning a lot more mana than I remembered from the last raid.

I have a lot of mana regen tools and can normally pop one or two into a spell priority if I really need it, but this time I was popping every regen tool I had every chance I got.

I also couldn’t stay out of the bad stuff so I died to stupid things.  On the bright side, I did get another First Dead Again screenshot for my album.

First Dead Again

First Dead Again

A wand dropped, and since no one else was in the raid who could use it or wanted it, it was passed to me.

After the raid, I was deciding if the new wand would be an upgrade or not with some creative reforging, so I checked Ask Mr. Robot and noticed something a little odd…

Instead of my lovely Embereye Belt with +282 Intellect and two +40 Intellect gems, I was wearing a Brocade Belt.

My Embereye Belt was in my bags.

I have no idea how or when I switched my epic belt for a grey item.

I went through an entire Firelands Raid wearing a Brocade Belt up to and including Ragnaros.

We didn’t get Rag down.  Sure, some might have attributed that to having a few new people or one or two who hadn’t seen the fights before but now we all know the *real* reason:

It was the Shadow Priest taking on Firelands sporting an “epic” Brocade Belt.

Sorry guys – I swear next time I’ll do a gear check first…