I wish that were true, but the QQ is still going strong and will continue up to and after the release, so…

New Race – Pandas

Pandas?  Why not?  We’ve already got plenty of anthropomorphic races (I know there is a better word but it escapes me at the moment) – Tauren, Worgen, Draenei – you get the idea.  Or if you don’t get it, you might not be playing the same game.

I’m not a “vanilla” player but apparently the Pandas have been in the WoW universe for quite a while and pre-date certain Disney movies, so I don’t get the QQ about that at all.

You get to choose your panda’s faction of Horde or Alliance at about level 10 or at some point before leaving the starting zone?  Brilliant and one way to squash the “favoritism” QQ from the player base.

So Pandas are a little ummm… “hefty.”  We haven’t seen any art for the females yet, and I would absolutely have no problem playing a Panda female (think Tauren again.)

I just hope the artists don’t cave-in to that over-used, out-dated anime-style art for the females – I’d take a roly-poly female Panda any day before an anime Barbie-doll panda!  Just one warning – make sure I have plenty of hair styles selections!  I know, I know…but the males have hair in the previews…

Anyway, a race that focuses on breweries probably spend a lot of time “sampling” their concoctions.  If you guzzle down a ton of beer in real life the odds are good you don’t look like Mr. Universe so that makes sense to me.

And if you’re a little on the hefty side, wouldn’t you need a suitable, strong racial mount to haul around your ample behind and few brew kegs?  I’m hoping turtles, although scaling them up for speed would be an issue so I’m assuming tigers as per the rumors.

Panda Classes

Well, I’m little disappointed there won’t be a Death Knight panda but I suppose lore-wise it makes sense.  Fortunately, all my “favorite” classes will be available except Druid.  I can understand the paradox of a bear shifting into a bear but it would be a blast.

I’ll probably start with a Panda Monk, then try a Panda Priest (a panda shadow priest?  Hell yes!)  One can’t expect every race to be able to play every class, but so far the class choices for Panda seem suitable for the race so I don’t have any complaints.

New Zones

When Cataclysm was released, I was blown away by the Worgen starting zone – atmospheric, detailed, an absolute visual experience.  Heck, I’ve leveled a bunch of Worgens that are going no where just to experience the zone again.

The few Mists previews we’ve been given look as if the artists have done it again and raised the artwork bar.  I only hope that this time we’re not stuck in a phase, never to return once we finish the starter zone.

I’m looking forward to just wandering around, taking in the scenery and exploring.

So if you’re still screaming about Disney movies and pokemon and kiddie stuff, then go and look – and I mean really look – at the artwork previews at Mists of Pandaria.

If you still don’t get it, read a history book or at least look through the pictures on Asian Art History at most museum sites.

Pull your head out of the quicksand of pop culture references, and then we can have that discussion.

Now, about the new talents….guess we’ll have to wait for more information!