I never have to do another Daily Fishing quest again….

Jeweled Fishing Pole

Jeweled Fishing Pole

Until something new is added to the Disappointing Bag of Fishing Treasures…

I had even saved a High Test Eternium Fishing Line just in case I ever got the pole, so now I have a “free” bank slot to boot.

Of course, finally getting the Jeweled Fishing Pole after (2?) years probably means I’ve used up my luck for the rest of the game as I received my 305th Hallowed Helm in the Loot Filled Pumpkin…

So…I won’t get the Headless Horseman’s Mount again this year but that’s a fair trade for never doing another Daily Fishing quest for now.

Back in PvP Land…

Yes, it’s my fault….I had come back to Orgrimmar from Shatt, didn’t notice I was “flagged” and went about my merry way to do the Cooking Daily when I was insta-killed a few times by the Evil Alliance lurking outside of Orgrimmar.

Yes, it isn’t even safe for a poor troll to step outside the gates of Orgrimmar for a few pork bellies without getting one-shot by the Evil Alliance.

So…a huge thanks to Adoe for keeping those nasty, Evil Alliance 85s away from me so I could get the Horde Daily Cooking quest finished on my wimpy little Troll Druid.

Adoe stomped them into the ground (several times – it was fun to watch) and I actually got a couple of PvP Achievements for it…thanks Adoe, you’re the best!