It was a refreshing change to see how the Hallow’s End event was updated a little.  It’s one of my favorite events anyway, but new pets?

Pets always get my attention!

And the new Feline Familiar pet – a little black cat with glowy eyes wearing a witch’s hat and flies along with you on a broomstick?  Oh yeah, that really got my attention!

Flying Feline Familiar

Flying Feline Familiar

I was also relieved that the pet could be purchased from the holiday vendor since I probably would have rage-quit if it was an RNG drop and I didn’t get one.

Yes, it’s a grind to get enough candies to purchase it, but I’ll take a grind any day over RNG (I’m looking at you, Headless Horseman Mount!)

I already had the title and most of the achievements except for the Masks and the Trick or Treating from Northrend and Cataclysm.

So…back to the Innkeepers to gather up those candies and about 4 hours later I squeaked out 151 candies got my cat!

Feline Familiar

Feline Familiar

I also gathered up an impressive amount of “loot” while Trick or Treating for my cat.

Trick or Treats Loot

Trick or Treat Loot

Yes, that’s right – I got five Sinister Squashlings I can’t use. I also picked up two of the Helms, but since they are “unique” I had to delete them.

I think one can actually purchase them from the holiday vendors now, but it would be nice to have the BoA ability to at least send the extras to your alts, or at the very minimum vendor it for a silver or two.

I’m still short a few Masks – and those can be purchased now as well – but I’m a little “trick or treated” out right now to do any more candy runs.

Still lots of time left for the holiday to finish it up, and I’m looking forward to another week of being disappointed with the Loot-Filled Pumpkin from the holiday boss!

Yes, the mount would be great since I only have 4 left to get for the mount achievement, but you know what is more disappointing for me about the holiday?

The Flying Broom and Magic Broom can’t be used everywhere all year round…..that really hurts.