Take a close look and what do you see?

Mantle of Closed Doors

Mantle of Closed Doors

No more fuming toilet bowl shoulders!

Firelands run on the weekend, and look what Baleroc dropped – Mantle of Closed Doors!

They were cloth.  They had a socket for an intellect/haste gem.  Critical Strike could be reforged to haste.  They were a significant upgrade.

And best of all, they didn’t look like fuming toilet bowls!

When they came up for a roll I got so excited I spilled my tea, typed in /roll, crossed my fingers and there was my roll –  a “10.”

Yes, that’s right – I rolled 10.  I checked twice and it was a 10.  Not 100, a 10.  I just about cried.

Then a miracle happened – no one else wanted them so I won with a 10!

After the raid I raced off to the Auction House for a gem, a quick trip to Deepholm for the enchant then back to the reforger to tweak the stats.

Now I have only one crappy piece left – my helm.  At least I can turn off helm display so I don’t have to look at that silly engineering helm until something better comes along.

But I’ll worry about the helm later – I have new shoulders!

Did I mention they don’t look like fuming toilet bowls?

One More “Finally”

After doing the Orgrimmar fishing dailies every day since level 10, and the Outland/Northrend fishing dailies every day since level 70, my Troll Druid finally got the Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat – at level 75.

Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat

Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat

I don’t think it’s ever taken any of my characters this long to get it, but better late than never!  I can finally clear out my bags of all those fishing baubles!

I didn’t get a chance to try healing a dungeon again as I was fairly busy running around for quests to get my gear upgraded as much as possible.

I still have items at the 138 level and just a couple at 154 (previously 60-90 level), but I can tell there is a big difference with Balance dps with what I have so I expect healing should also be a little better.

As soon as I can find a weapon upgrade I can give healing another shot.  I don’t think I’ll try a Wrath random as it might be better for me to pick a specific dungeon I’m familiar with and run those a few times to make sure I’ve got my spells down and I’m more prepared.

Druids are a lot of fun – nothing like stealthing around past mobs to grab that quest item and get out.  I might even respec feral cat again and give it another try.

Paladins are OP

One nice “perk” of raiding is racking up those VPs so one can avoid the ZA/ZG merry-go-round.  I had enough VPs to convert a few to JPs (jumping through a few hoops) and purchase the last heirloom piece I needed for my baby Paladin.

I started her in a Protection spec just in case I want to try tanking…again…so off she went questing at level 13 with her two or three spells and a “green” shield from the Auction House.

Full Heirlooms + Protection spec = God Mode.

Quests that I remember would kill my Priest and more recently, Druid were a laugh with my Paladin.  Three mobs beating on me?  Ha!  I can kill them all – even without my healing spell!

I started in Westfall, leveled up in no time then over to Redridge Mountains.

Remember those nasty murlocs that would aggro 10 feet away and kill you over and over again?  I wiped them out – all of them – in two shots.

The Elite Ettin that would sneak up behind you and stomp you into the ground while a pack of Gnolls were beating on you?  I killed it – twice – just because I could.

The only minor problem I had was with casters or hunters because I had to run into melee range, or chase down a running Gnoll, but even they couldn’t kill me.

I blasted through Redridge Mountains, picked up my level 18 spells and went to Duskwood.  You remember Duskwood with all the undead mobs?  I have only one word for that – Exorcism.

I think it took me about 5 minutes to get from level 18 to level 20 and get my “free” Paladin horse.

I don’t even know if I’m using my spells correctly.

Hmmm…let’s see….I’ll hit them with Avenger’s Shield that knocks half their health off and/or round up a pack.  If more than two I’ll toss a Hammer of Justice to stun one until I kill the rest.  Then it’s a quick Judgement/Crusader Strike (whatever is off cool down) and bam!  Everything is dead.

I’m guessing this isn’t a “proper” spell priority and everything will start to balance out as I level up so questing will get back to “normal.”

I’ll have to read up on leveling a Prot Paladin to make sure I get it right and don’t get into bad habits but for now it’s a heck of a lot of fun!

While I was bashing my way through quests, I was thinking about what I could do if Paladins had a stealth ability, but now I know why Paladins don’t have a stealth ability – they would be completely unstoppable, take over Azeroth and rule the world.