Upgrading my Troll Druid’s rather umm…pathetic gear has proven more of a challenge than I expected.

I made a list of all the intellect leather gear from quest rewards in the Howling Fjord and Dragonblight and discovered I had completed a few of them and taken the agility gear while I was still feral cat.

No problem, I had plenty more quests so I went to Dragonblight and did a quest that rewarded a nice green belt upgrade.

Next up – a short quest chain that rewards “matching” bracers.  It started out fine, the usual “kill x get y” type of quests and then I hit the wall.

Right between me and my bracers is the quest The Might of the Horde.  Just a typical “defend the flag” quest except I couldn’t kill those flipping spiders fast enough before they destroyed my flag.

After failing it a couple of times I went through my spell book to see if I had anything that might help and found Hurricane and Starfall.  Okay, I can knock them back and nuke them down!

Well, that didn’t work too well either and it probably didn’t help that I would have to heal myself a lot and kick me out of Moonkin form.

I checked to see if there was anyone around in the zone who might be willing to help me, but it was completely empty.

I’ll have to go back to the Borean Tundra and see if there are any gear upgrades I missed for those quests.

I also noticed that I haven’t changed my glyphs from feral to balance (duh), so that’s another priority that might help a lot.

So….what do you do when there is nothing left to do?

Go fishing!

I had already done most of the cooking/fishing dailies except “Dangerously Delicious” in Northrend (I know from experience that level 72 + Wintergrasp elemental does not end well.)

Outland had “Crocolisks in the City” (no bucket pet – just need one more) and I picked up the last recipe I needed from the cooking quest reward “Crate of Meat.”

I still haven’t got the Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat!  I’m almost beginning to think I did get it and mistakenly deleted it or something?  Or am I just very unlucky trying to get this with my Horde Druid?  My Alli Druid got it about level 30.

I had one more shot at it for the day with the Orgrimmar fishing quest so I picked it up and headed off to catch the quest fish just outside the city.

A couple of casts in I caught the quest fish, and with it was the 15 Pound Mud Snapper.

One That Didn't Get Away

One That Didn't Get Away

15 Pound Mud Snapper

15 Pound Mud Snapper

I better get busy fishing for the Sea Turtle before my fishing luck runs out.

15 Pound Mud Snapper

15 Pound Mud Snapper

It’s too bad we can’t transmog off-hand fish – maybe I’d be able to kill those spiders faster wielding a couple of fish!

And no, I didn’t get a Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat….again….