I’m not sure what I’m doing.

Up until now, healing on my Troll Druid has been a lot of fun.  Somehow it just feels right – you know, when something clicks and you think “wow, this is awesome!”

Instead of avoiding dungeons I look forward to running them – good or bad – because I found I missed healing and rolling a Druid put me “back in the healing game.”

Same thing happened with my Shadow Priest.  Disc healing was fun and although I wasn’t the greatest healer I could get through Wrath dungeons until Cataclysm hit and healing turned into a mana-starved, “triage”-based stress-fest.

Well, I needed something to do, so I decided to try dps as Shadow.

I felt like I had finally found the “right” dps character for me.  By this time I had also learned how to research my class so the Cataclysm changes didn’t knock me back for a loop like my other characters.

Yes, my dps still sucks but Shadow Priest feels right for me – I love the way they work and the challenge is interesting instead of a stress-fest.  I want to research, practice and work on it until I get it right (I was identified as a “high achiever” in graduate school – not sure what that means but it snagged me some scholarships – so I guess that’s kicking in when I play the game.)

Now I have the best of both – a dps character for destroying the world, and a healing character to save it.

I’ve been happily rolling along in Dungeons with my Troll Druid with just enough healing spells to keep it interesting.  Even with very little current information on low-level Druid healing I had plenty of levels to figure it out.

Mana Tombs...again

Mana Tombs...again

Then I hit level 64, got Lifebloom and suddenly the healing game has stepped up a notch.  This is a good thing as I have plenty to levels to understand and practice before the “advanced” healing kicks in.

The bad part…well, I haven’t got it all figured out yet.

This is what I’ve learned so far from a few current guides targeted to level 85 healing (I don’t have Mastery, Healing Touch or heck, even Tree Form yet!) and running a few dungeons:

Lifebloom x3 on tank, it’s refreshed with a direct heal (in my case Nourish) and it gives a big heal when expired.  Keep up all the time unless your tank runs out of your LoS and pulls before you get there.

Rejuvenation rolling on tank or a quick HoT for someone else taking extra damage and/or decides to tank their own mobs (I’m looking at you, Rogues and DKs!)  Especially useful if you know your tank is prone to making a sudden, unexpected run for it around the corner.  You can quickly toss one on before he goes beyond your LoS and pulls a ton of trash.  It should keep him alive until you can catch up.

Nourish is a the slow, cheap mana spell good for a tank with HoTs or to top up that nice dps who gave you cookies and didn’t roll “Need” on the only leather intellect piece that dropped.

Swiftmend (glyphed) is very helpful for when you catch up to the tank, his health is going down fast and Rejuvenation is still up.  This will give you enough time to get the HoTs rolling again and/or toss out a Nourish or two.

Clearcasting will only come up at the very end of a fight and disappears before the next pull.  I notice it’s been happening a lot more frequently lately so if it turns up when it’s useful, I’ll be ready.

Efflorescence is a happy green circle that appears when Swiftmend is used.  It’s especially happy with a couple of melee dps in the group or ranged who like to be up close and personal with whatever the tank is tanking.  It becomes very unhappy when the tank decides to dance everyone out of the circle and Swiftmend is on cool down.

Nature’s Swiftness & Regrowth macroed together for those “Oh, crap” moments.  I think I’ve only used it twice and not at all recently.  I think I could get in a free Regrowth if Clearcasting is ever up when I need it.

Wild Growth is one of my favorites, particularly when I know there is a good chance of being feared, sheeped, silenced, stunned, etc. or I’m expecting a big AoE hit from a boss.  I can put this on the group before anything happens and when the damage comes in and I can’t heal…well, ha! ha!  I win!

Rebirth (glyphed) is the best I Win! spell of them all for getting a dead tank back up at full health and can save the day!  Unless you accidentally “Rebirth” the dps who pulled all those extra mobs instead of the tank…ummm…not that I ever did….

There’s a lot more, but this is what I know/been using up to now.  I’ve redone my Resto spec a few times since there is a big difference between “recommended” leveling specs (pre-85) so I’m trying a few to see how they work.

I believe the spec I have now is from the leveling sticky at the Druid forums and it seems to be working, but I’m open to suggestions.

I had just learned Lifebloom and respec’d into the sticky spec so I ran a dungeon to try it out.  I was using Lifebloom and oh my!  What is that pretty green circle and how did I make it appear?

About halfway through the run I get a whisper from the tank:

Whisper from Tank

Whisper from Tank

I’m still not sure if he was being complimentary or facetious because shortly after that we wiped but apparently it wasn’t because of my uncertain healing…


The next dungeon with my “new stuff” was with a guildie tank.  It was an easy run (great tank) and at the end my guildie said something about how there was nothing to write about in my blog because everything went so well.

Guess what?  I really wasn’t sure what I was doing with the new spells/spec, so there is something to write about after all!