Finally got my little Troll Druid up to level 65 – halfway out of Outland!

Leveling in Outland is painful enough.  Remember the abysmal drop rates for quest items?  Add in the “danger” element on a PvP server and well, let’s just say the faster I can get to Northrend the better.

I was working on a quest in Hellfire Peninsula and when I got there, an Evil Alliance player (at my level) was at the location killing mobs for the same quest.

I just hovered around in flight form (yay flight form I look like a bat!) until he was finished but he mounted his griffin, flew up to me and we stared at each other nose-to-nose for a few minutes.

He said something in Common language (could have been anything from a fight-to-the-death challenge to a simple greeting) but I didn’t feel like dying (I had already died falling off a cliff running from too many mobs) so I went back to Orgrimmar to find something else to do.

What do you do when questing isn’t an option?  Why, run dungeons of course!  You get a nice chunk of experience, a few snappy gear upgrades, a goodie bag and even a few paltry silver!

I even finally managed to “win” the Worg Carrier after several runs in Blackrock Spire losing the roll on both pets.

Worg Pup

Worg Pup

I queued up for a dungeon and ran smack into the bane of Outland….

Death Knight Hell

I don’t remember if it was Hellfire Ramparts or The Blood Furnace (it’s all a blur) but I zone in as healer with a Paladin tank, two Death Knights and a Mage for dps – everyone from different servers.

Let’s call the dps “Moe”, “Larry” and “Curly” respectively.

Curly (mage) was probably the most…ummmm….yappy mage I’ve ever run across.  I think he had a bunch of jokes macroed because every couple of minutes a new joke would pop up in party chat interspersed with questions about everything from the dungeon to gear.

Hellfire Ramparts

Hellfire Ramparts

Not a big deal under normal conditions, but Moe and Larry (dks) were consistently running ahead of the tank and death-gripping every mob until we were overrun and wiped.

Tank politely asks Moe and Larry not to death-grip mobs but our Stooges keep pulling.  Tank and I just stand back and let them pull until I decide I don’t want to waste mana on them anymore and let them die.

Party chat explodes with Moe and Larry typing “wtf healz” “rez me” and I’m sure a few more choice words but Curly has typed in another joke so I guess I “missed” their requests.

Tank then types in “dks turn off blood presence.”  Yes, Moe and Larry were death-gripping mobs with Blood presence on.

So I did something I usually never do – I just let them die over and over again until they got the message.  We finally finished the dungeon with the tank doing the tanking and Curly posting his jokes uninterrupted.

The Blood Furnace

The Blood Furnace

I ran a few more dungeons with a variety of Death Knight “stooges” as tanks or dps until I hit one with a very nice DK Tank who could actually tank!  We had a very smooth run.  He pulled reasonable trash packs the group could handle, was aware of pats and handled “crisis” moments like a pro.

He would even stop and ask if I needed mana before boss pulls although he was so easy to heal I almost always had full mana.

After the run he whispered me and asked if I wanted to queue more dungeons with him, so we blasted our way through a few more, leveled up, got some nice gear upgrades and worked good together as a team.

At the end he thanked me and said it was too bad we couldn’t run more together because we were on different servers.

So Blizzard…why can I put cross-server idiots on ignore but I can’t add a cross-server tank as a “dungeon buddy?”

Sniff…..I already miss that decent tank…

Back to Chaos

I thought I better work on my Alliance Druid (level 33) to get her caught up so I queued for dungeons and found myself right back into low-level chaos!

It’s actually quite fun although it can get a little panicky with only a few healing spells, but the best part is everyone is taking time to do the quests, everyone is stopping to loot and very few rage about anything.

No “go-go-go” pressure to finish fast and do the absolute minimum like at higher levels.  Most expect full clears, make sure we get every single mob and get every optional boss we can find.

Did I mention loot, loot, loot?

At one point I get Razorfen Kraul, zone in at an in-progress dungeon where obviously everyone is just recovering from a wipe.

No problem – I set focus to the Paladin tank (if there are Druids in a group Vuhdo will sometimes flag all of them as tanks), rez and heal up a few and off we go.

Usually I keep my eyes glued to my Vuhdo grid as with only a few healing spells and dungeon roles a little blurred, bad things can happen fast so I miss a lot of the “action.”

I started to notice the Rogue was taking an unusual amount of damage so I watched for a few minutes and sure enough, the Rogue was running ahead of the tank and pulling mobs.

The tank was quiet about it so I took a closer look – Prot Paladin sporting a sword and shield – so I asked “who’s the tank?”

Everyone answered back “the rogue.”  We seemed to be doing fine so I switched my focus over to the rogue and we finished without any problems.

Razorfen Kraul

Razorfen Kraul

The rogue and “tank” were from the same server so perhaps it was a tank in training?  Guess I’ll never know, but in low level dungeons nothing surprises me anymore…

Brewfest Barrel of Disappointments

No, I haven’t got the Brewfast Ram yet but yesterday my Priest got Direbrew’s Bloodied Shanker with all the +Agility a priest could want!

Direbrew's Bloodied Shanker

Direbrew's Bloodied Shanker

It’s at least a fun graphic that looks like a broken bottle – maybe I’ll equip it and wave it at Ragnaros….