Just fishing the Dalaran daily at Sholazar Basin with my newly transferred Priest when an Alliance hunter came out of nowhere and…

well, you can guess the rest.

I might as well just put a Skull raid icon on myself or carry a flag that reads “easy kill for Alliance!”

I have got to get a stack of Elixirs of Camouflage so at least hunters have to work a bit to find me when I’m out and about in Contested zones.  Oh, and a stack or two of  Blackened Worg Steak that lets you track humanoids for an hour.

I eventually got my daily finished and a guild invite (thank you!), but I don’t think I’ll bother trying to level up with mostly questing and my professions will have to wait until I don’t look like such an easy target.

Yes, leveling in dungeons is the way to go as there are no Alliance players who can “sneak” into your LFD group and gank you.  They also have much better gear than quest rewards and that will help a lot leveling up.

On the down side, I’m stuck with Wrath dungeons.

It’s been over a year since I’ve attempted any Wrath dungeons and the last ones I tried after Cataclysm launched with my “healer” priest were disasters – if I wasn’t kicked right at the start because “lol disc priest.”

I queued for a few dungeons and got Drak’tharon Keep a couple of times and Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom.  They weren’t too bad but omg my dps was horrid and I kept running out of mana!  I think I was the only one in any group without heirlooms so stuff was dying faster than I could get a DoT up.

Drak'tharon Keep

Drak'tharon Keep

Where is my Mind Spike?  Why isn’t Dark Archangel showing up?  Oh, I don’t have those yet…

Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom

Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom

I have a Holy spec for my PvP Horde priest I haven’t even tried yet and I don’t think I’ll bother.  The way to go is probably dual Shadow specs – one for PvE and one for PvP.

Not that it will help a PvE-geared PvP noob like me, but it’s a start.

I guess I’ll have to go sneaking around in the world eventually if I want to mine/pick flowers to make some gold, but my Druid is doing okay with gold right now and has stealth to sneak around so she can probably “support” my Priest for while.

Who would have thought a level 55 toon has to support a level 75?  I’m learning that on a PvP server just about anything is possible!

I want to get my Priest to 85 as fast as I can because life will become a little easier hanging around Orgrimmar waiting for my queues to pop (ha! ha!)

I know 80-85 is going to be a nightmare trying to level in places like Hyjal and Deepholm but when patch 4.3 is “live” it might be easier if the Evil Alliance are distracted by new content – at least that’s my theory.

I should also start the slow and painful process of running Battlegrounds for honor points to get myself some basic PvP gear.  I was thinking about leveling up Tailoring with my Priest so by the time she gets to 85 she can make herself the cloth PvP “starter” set – it’s better than nothing!

After I ran enough dungeons to get my Priest about halfway to level 76, I switched over to my Druid as I’m trying to get at least one dungeon a day with her as healer to practice my healing skills.

I know, I know – I was going to learn how to tank with my Druid but that just wasn’t going anywhere so I respected her Feral “tanking” to “dps.”

Anyway, I’ve discovered I love the Druid style of healing.  At level 55 I have enough spells to keep it interesting but it hasn’t become an over-complicated “triage”, “mana-starved” nightmare yet.

And of course, just when I’m starting to have a lot of fun playing a Druid, the 4.3 nerfs are announced.  I hope whatever Blizzard is doing with Druids won’t completely suck the fun out it like they did with my Disc Priest, but time will tell.

I guess I’ll worry about that when it happens, but in the meantime I won a snappy new dress – Robes of the Royal Crown and a new staff for my healer set!

Robes of the Royal Crown

Robes of the Royal Crown