I’m somewhat “famous” (or infamous?) on my server for two things:

  1. My gear suggests I can do higher dps than I actually do
  2. My inability to roll anything other than “4” or “23” if something important drops

I had been slacking off a bit with my Priest as far as capping out her VPs for the week, so after a very fun Black Temple guild “classic raid”, I checked the LFD and saw I could squeak in 3 ZA/ZG to finish it up.

First one up is ZA and of course, there is always one hopeful “let’s do a bear run!” in the group that so far has never, ever been successful in any group I’ve been in.

In fact, I had been carrying around the quest to free all the prisoners since the first day I ran it – still in my quest log, still never completed.

Unfortunately, the hopeful this time was the tank (it’s usually the tank who squashes bear run requests.)  The tank had a strategy and obviously has done it before so she would announce what she was doing (e.g. pulling packs to the boss, etc.) and of course, no stopping to loot.

It was looking good until we reached the steps up to Halazzi.  The tank had pulled a couple of cat packs up to the steps and engaged the mobs, but it was too much for the healer and we wiped.

I figured it was over, but someone mass-rezzed and suddenly we were back in the game.

We killed everything in record time and beat the boss with a less than a minute left on the timer.

My “Bear-ly Made It” achievement popped up, we released the prisoner and rolled for the bear!

This time I didn’t roll a “4” – I rolled the “23” so no bear for me, but at least I was finally able to turn in that quest and get some VPs.

I have to confess I was a little disappointed, but RNG is RNG, so there might be another successful run someday to try again.

I queued for another Troll and got ZG.  It was a very smooth run as everyone knew the instance.  There were a couple of people from the same server and guild who were chatting a bit during the run but everything was going well.

After the cauldron boss, one of them started asking me why there were doing better dps than me because I had better gear.  I wasn’t sure how to answer that – I suck?  I don’t know how to play?  I’m just a “baddie?”

So I didn’t answer at all, but for the rest of the run one of them kept bugging me about it until one of their guildies told them to “be friendly because we’re nice” or something.

We finish the instance and they ask if everyone wants to queue for another one.  I needed one more to cap my VPs, but after losing the bear in ZA and then getting a constant reminder my dps sucks, I really wasn’t in the mood to do another run with them.

So I left and queued up again and got – surprise, surprise – ZA (what else?)

I think it was another guild run with just myself and the healer as the PuGs, but the guild group over-geared the instance and burned through it very quickly.

No one had asked for a bear run but we beat the boss before the timer and moved on to the next boss.

Then tank asked “no one wants the bear?” and the healer and I both type in “yes!”  I guess the rest of them had the bear because the tank said to go get it and they’d wait.

So the healer and I start running back to get the bear but I run the wrong way smack into a pack of mobs and get instantly killed.

Someone rezzes me so I just went back to the group and waited for the healer to get the bear – just two of us rolling?  I thought 1/2 chance looked a lot better than 1/5!

The roll comes up and it’s just me and the healer…

Bear Roll

Bear Roll

I could not flipping believe it!  I thought I was reading it wrong and I really rolled a “10”, but there was the bear in my bags!

Amani Battle Bear

Amani Battle Bear

I’m not quite sure what I did to have the RNG gods smile kindly on me, but when I go back to rolling my “4” and “23” and losing rolls again, I’ll be smiling – sitting on my bear.

Amani Battle Bear

Amani Battle Bear

Now, if only I could get my dps up to speed so I’m not constantly reminded my dps sucks, I’d be a completely happy player!