Horde Druid Troll, Levels 1 – 30

1.  Create a Druid, Rogue or any other class that gets Stealth early.

2.  Once you are out of the Starter zone and into Contested Areas for your quests (anywhere you are flagged), stealth everywhere.  Yes, Druids have reduced speed in Stealth (Cat form) so it will take forever to get from Point A to Point B.

3.  Realize you are the only player in the entire zone because all the 85s are afk in Stormwind/Orgrimmar waiting for their queues to pop, and you were Stealthing around for nothing (Caution:  this might not apply to higher level zones.)

4.  Forget about Stealth and quest as normal.  It will go a lot faster.


Horde territory – no PvP flags so feel free to /dance or /thumb nose at any level 85 Alliance characters foolish enough to venture in these low-level zones looking for a gank-fest.

Note:  There is a Night Elf camp near Orgrimmar and the NPCs will stomp you into the ground over and over again if you happen to run through it looking for a quest item.  Ummm…not that I did that, however….

Northern Barrens/Ashenvale/Stonetalon Mountains

Can’t remember whether or not I was flagged in Northern Barrens, but I was definitely flagged in Ashenvale/Stonetalon Mountains.

Why yes, yes I did Stealth around until I realized I was alone in these zones except for one or two Horde players doing quests.

My troll got a guild invite from the nice people on my other server and a wonderful guildie sent me eight, eight Netherweave bags (omg thank you!)

Now that I was cautiously over my “gankitis”, I took the time between quests to fill up my bags with enough ore/herbs to net my baby Troll over 200 gold!

I was rich!

I had enough gold to purchase all my training and my “cash flow” problems were solved for the moment (well, I thought I was rich until I hit level 25 and went to purchase glyphs…)

An Epiphany

I finally reached level 15 and the Dungeon Finder became available.  Ever since I first started play WoW, I’ve avoided dungeons like the plague because of my “dungeonitis.”

Now that I’m pretty much over that, I decided to start running them with my baby Troll because without the “support” of an 85 and some heirlooms, there is no other way to get decent gear.

I had a lot of empty gear slots to fill and I never did find a helm.  Nothing dropped, no quest rewards and nothing at my level on the Auction House.

So yes, I ran around “helmless” until about level 30.

Ragefire Chasm

My first dungeon at level 15!

I was thinking I could learn tanking with my Druid but I wasn’t confident enough yet to queue as a tank.  I didn’t really know any of the dungeons (or anything about bear tanking) so I thought it would be best to queue as Cat DPS so I could learn the instances and watch the tanks.

I zone in, we get whatever meager buffs are available at level 15, and out of habit I automatically set my focus to the tank so I can use the assist key.

I shouldn’t have bothered.

It was total chaos.

The tank couldn’t hold aggro.  DPS in heirlooms pulling off the tank with one shot.  Healer trying to keep everyone alive then giving up and looting instead.

Hunter’s pet tanking the boss because the tank is trying to pull mobs off the healer.  I’m auto attacking because after two spells I’m out of energy.

The final boss fight lasts longer than a hardmode, 25-man Firelands raid.

I haven’t had this much fun in a dungeon or laughed so hard in a long time.

If this had been a level 85 dungeon there would be much rage-quitting and kicking.

But this was a bunch of baby toons with our 2-3 spells trying to conquer an “over-powered” dungeon and an Elite boss with the astonishing 8.9k health.  No raging, no blaming – everyone trying their best with what little they had and a large dose of humor.

Ragefire Chasm

Ragefire Chasm

I also noticed that unlike higher levels, everyone is doing the quests so there is always time to get those quest items!  I still have unfinished dungeon quests on my 85 Shadow Priest from ZA/ZG….

I might have actually won a piece of gear out of that dungeon, and I found a useful piece of gear in my goodie bag.

What I also got was another level and a half from a ton of experience.

That’s when I had my epiphany – you don’t need to worry about PvP if you run dungeons.

Yes, I’ll have to go out into the world to get herbs/ore to support myself but as far as leveling goes, if I start getting ganked while questing I’ll just run dungeons.

Suddenly a PvP server doesn’t seem too bad anymore – I can take it.

So I parked myself next to the Druid trainer, ran dungeons and watched my gear improve and levels go up until I was asked if my Shadow Priest could fill-in for the Firelands raid.

You bet!  Yes, my DPS still sucked and yes, I was eaten by tornadoes (why can’t I stay out of the flipping tornadoes??) but I added one more boss so I’m 4/7, and I got a trinket upgrade!  Thanks everyone, you’re the best!

A Memorable Tank and a New “Career”

Back on my Troll, I queued for dungeons and knocked out Deadmines, Shadowfang Keep, Wailing Caverns, Stormwind Stockade, Gnomeregan and Razorfen Kraul.

Level 20

Level 20

It was inevitable, but at some point Blackfathom Deeps was the random dungeon.  Not my favorite, but we happened to luck out with a Paladin tank who not only knew what she was doing, but was very patient and helpful.

She made sure everyone who had quests got them done, and would kill extra bosses if someone needed them.

At one point, after a particularly tough fight, the healer quit so the tank asked me if I could heal until a new healer queued in.

I hadn’t looked too closely at Druid healing and I think I had about 3-4 healing spells, but I said I would try.

There were a few tough moments but we got through it, and what I got was a serious case of the “healing bug.”

I had forgotten about how much I enjoyed healing, so when I was able to Dual spec I picked Resto, researched (what very little) there was on low-level Druid healing, dusted off Vuhdo, set up my spells and queued as healer.

Level 30

Level 30

I didn’t have any healer gear, so I keep running dungeons until I started building up a proper “healer” set.  I started out with about 1115 mana, and when I quit for the night I was up to almost 2400.

As long as we had a good tank with reasonable pulls, I never ran out of mana.  I did have a few “oh, crap” moments but I had the “battle rez” spell and used it for “emergencies.”

Then I remembered why I was here in the first place – to transfer my Blood Elf Priest over!

I loaded her up on extra heirlooms, a set of glyphs (about 15% the cost on the other server) and a few other “necessities” and in an hour she was on her new server and my Troll got a DPS set (finally a helm!) and a couple of pieces for a healing set.

Since I haven’t run dungeons before level 80 very much I’m not sure at what point it all becomes “srs business”, but for now I’m just enjoying the fun!

Note:  I was surprised to see the “Your DPS Sucks” buff in low-level instances, but I suppose every little bit helps!

I had also picked up a few city tabards, reached Exalted with Ogrimmar in no time at all, and bought myself a wolf mount!

Wolf Mount

Wolf Mount

I think I might get my Alliance Druid an heirloom healing set and see what happens…