And a new helm, new cloak, new shoulders, new chest…and oh my what the heck am I going to do for pants?

I didn’t even get to play my druid or paladin last night.  My poor priest was running herself ragged sorting out heirloom gear, calculating out JPs vs Champion’s Seals and wondering why I have two sets of leather agility gear- non-refundable, of course!

I’ve got bits and pieces of heirlooms spread around 6 or 7 characters, so it took forever to find who had what and who was close enough to 80 and didn’t need it anymore or what could be replaced with quest gear or something suitable from the Auction House.

And when the heck did Blizzard release tanking heirlooms?  I swear the last time I bought heirlooms there wasn’t a “Burnished” plate series available, so what I have as “tanking” gear is apparently plate dps….

I finally sorted out what I need:

Paladin:  Burnished Breastplate of Might, Burnished Pauldrons of Might, Bloodsoaked Skullforge Reaver and maybe the pants at some point.  I bought the cloak and helm from the guild vendor so she has those right now.

Druid:  Has all the leather agility pieces (Stained Shadowcraft set) and the Preened Ironfeather Breastplate for her healing set (with helm and cloak.)  Still needs the shoulders and a weapon – and I have no idea what to use for a weapon yet.

So…let’s see…I could use about 6 pieces at 2175 JP/each or 60 CS/each (mumble mumble math stuff) eeek that’s 13,050 JP and/or 360 CS.

I don’t know if JPs “cap” at 4000 if you’re spending them or if there is a weekly limit to getting them.  I only do enough AT dailies to get about 10 seals/day (no, I’m not going to do that nasty Citadel quest and I’ve been skipping the jousting because it takes forever…although I might do it if it rewards a couple of seals.)

Hmmm…I also don’t need any more gear from VPs, so I suppose I could convert some of those….and how about letting us use some of the Marks of the World Tree to purchase heirlooms?  I’ve got my pet and don’t need anything else so I’m racking up marks with nothing to spend them on (I just do the dailes for the gold.)

Either way, it’s going to take forever to get the rest of the heirloom pieces but at least once I have them I should be good for any future characters no matter what class they are!

Yes, I know I don’t need heirloom gear.  It might actually be an advantage not to use it too soon for my Paladin to give me some time to learn tanking “beginner” instances before she levels right out of them.

And my Druid just got that wonderful quest reward Staff of the Green Circle with the “flowers” animations – I don’t want to give that up too soon!

More Dungeon Finder Woes…

Thought I’d run a couple of trolls last night to start racking up points again and use the opportunity to test out a couple of new keybinds and see if I can get spells off faster with less “downtime.”

First one was ZG – in progress which should have been a warning sign.  All were from my server and a few were in the same guild (which shall remain unmentioned.)

So…I zone in (I’m not sure where they were) we kill some trash, all is good.  Then someone decides to skin something and pulls a bunch of mobs.  I get killed, run back in and try to get to where the rest of the group was and get killed again by someone who dragged along a bunch of mobs.

Someone initiates a kick for the guy who was skinning and it passes before I can even read it, then one of the “unnamed” guild members starts ranting at me and calling me a “retard.”  I put the whole group on ignore and leave.

Any way to put an entire guild on ignore?  I’d pay for that service!

Another 20 minute queue later…ZG again of course (I think you keep getting the same one if you don’t finish it) with another guild group from a different server.

Well, I had already wasted about an hour just waiting around for a queue and wasted another 15 minutes with the first group of idiots so I thought I’d give it a shot.

This one went much better.  Sure, we had a couple of wipes but no big deal – everyone was very pleasant and didn’t rage or call anyone names.

I don’t often get really bad groups and even if I do I’ll try to finish the run just to get it done.  I understand some people are still learning and that’s fine.  I can take a few wipes as long as they are trying and not acting like morons.

But I’m not going to put up with crap anymore – especially from my own server.

Oh, and I did get to test out my keybinds and up my reaction time a bit.  I thought I was doing much better until I noticed I had 3 stacks of the “Your DPS Sucks Buff.”


Comic Contest!

Whoo Hooo!  I won second place at Looking For More’s Comic Contest and got an adorable Nightsaber Cub pet!

Forgot to bring the screen shot of my Priest with her new pet that conveniently matches the Nightsaber mount, so I’ll upload it later.

Be sure to check out the contest submissions – absolutely priceless!