I was chain-queuing trolls last night to max out my VPs for the week.  You know the drill – ZA, ZG, ZA, ZG.  Some were fast and some…not so fast so I only got four completed.

I had received some great advice on improving my spell priorities from slice, and the wonderful post More DPS! from Reversion.   Read it, seriously.

I figured this was as good a time as any to try out slice’s opener on bosses – Shadow Fiend/Pot, Mind Spike x 2, Mind Blast, DoTs and away we go!

I’ve been using Power Auras Classic and I like the “visuals” for tracking DoTs, Empowered Shadows, etc. but I don’t have it set up to track everything (e.g. Lightweave proc) so I need to fix that asap.

I had seen a similar opener from Volios at the Priest forums but suggesting to apply DoTs before the opener.  Now, I know that Mind Spike will wipe all DoTs, but would there be enough ticks before hitting Mind Spike to make a dps difference?

If only I knew how to theorycraft…or even use Simcraft to find out…

Since I was mostly PuGing it, I didn’t want to get too complicated trying out something new, so I went with slice’s suggestion.

First thing I noticed – I don’t use Shadow Fiend enough and I have the T12 2-piece bonus that reduces the cooldown by 75 seconds.

Yeah, no excuse not to use it.  I don’t know why I was “saving” it.  If I use it right at the start the odds are good I can use it twice during a boss fight.

I noticed a bit of an improvement (“user” problem – more practice!) even though I didn’t have Mind Spike key bound and *gasp* had to click it, so I was a little slow on the draw (will be fixed!)

I’ll have to play around at the target dummies to find a key or key combo I can easily reach – curse you, small hands!

I also started using the MS x2 MB on trash that was going down too quickly for DoTs.  I found that very situational in PuGs.  If it’s a “newer” group trash might not go down too quickly and I have plenty of time for DoTs.

But if it’s a group where a couple of dps are raid geared and rocking 25k, no point applying DoTs on trash.

As much as I hated to I kept an eye on Recount for the boss fights and I hit the jackpot on Halazzi.

Now, this is my favorite boss fight.  I get to stand in the green circles with full health/mana and never have to move except to another green circle – pew, pew, pew!

Yes, this was with a 15% Luck of the Draw buff and I’m guessing everything proc’d at the right time and I happened to hit the right keys in the right order.

ZA - Halazzi

ZA - Halazzi

So…even if we knock off the 15% Your DPS Sucks buff and whatever other class buffs were active (if I remember correctly this group had a Paladin and Boomkin, so whatever buffs they have) the good news is…yes, I can definitely improve my dps.

The bad news…I wish I knew what the heck I did.

If only I could do this all the time…

One other “dps boost” I forgot to mention…

In the middle of one boss fight in ZG, my cat decided it was a good time to jump on my keyboard.  My dps went up 2k….

Cat Buff

Cat Buff