The Explorer

Do you love traveling around Azeroth with your faithful companion, searching for those unique places only the bravest adventurer dares to explore?

The Explorer Set has a rustic charm accented with the natural beauty of a wooden mace and the practicality of matching engineering technology.

Explorer Set

Explorer Set

Blame Troutwort for this one – he sent me the lovely (yet revealing) Archmage Robe, and it seemed a perfect compliment to show off one’s Explorer Tabard.

I managed to find the Archmage Goves and Archmage Belt, but most helms were too “battle” looking for an Explorer, so I decided on the Flying Tiger Goggles – a perfect match and practical as well!

The goggles require Engineering 100 to wear, so if you don’t have Engineering, pick up the Silksand Circlet for a nice alternative.

Leave your metal weapons at the Inn when exploring and bring along the Giant Club as your Main Hand Weapon.  What better way to explore the world than with a hand-carved beauty that will pack a punch if you run into mobs.

And of course, your favorite Orb will light your way into the darkest spaces of Azeroth.

Toss on the mid-length Scorpashi Cape, call your Worg and you’re ready to Explore!

Scorpashi Cape

Scorpashi Cape

Thank you Troutwort!  And yes, I need more bag space!