I can’t believe I didn’t know that

So…we were having a little discussion in guild chat the other night about the armor sets people were collecting for transmogrification.

Some people were linking items they had or were looking for, when one person typed that ctrl-click wasn’t working for the links.

I usually just right-click or whatever to read the text, but this person informed me that ctrl-click will show the item on your character – the Dressing Room.

Since it wasn’t working in guild chat, I tried it on the same item listed in the Auction House, and omg!  How did I not know or remember about this?

I wasted the next hour or so (completely forgot to do my TB dailies) “trying on” several items in the Auction House and then every single item with stats in my Tailoring book.

It seems every time I log on I learn something new about this game…even if it’s something I should have known right from the beginning…..


Transmogrification – three outfits are better than one

Silver-Thread Set

A nice alternative to a “formal” raid set, the Silver-Thread Set will fit both function and style when running Heroic dungeons for those VPs.

I have just about completed my Silver-Thread set.  Never did find the Cuffs or Rod, but now that I have the Boots all I really need to find is a suitable matching helm.

Weapons might be a little problematic as I believe they must be the same type as the weapon one wants to transmog, so more shopping to do.

I thought I’d start with a wand as it’s less complicated to find than compatible weapons and there are tons of them listed at the Auction House.

I equipped my beautiful Silver-Thread set and used the Dressing Room to find the perfect wand to compliment my outfit.

I must have gone through about a hundred of them until I found this little treasure – Gwyneth’s Runed Dragonwand.

One of the more “expensive” wands listed but a wand that looks like a fire-breathing dragon head?  Instant buyout!

Silver-Thread Set with Gwyneth's Runed Dragonwand

Silver-Thread Set with Gwyneth's Runed Dragonwand

And yes, it also looks great with the Silver-Thread Robe!

Chasing the Ghostweave Set

The tailored Ghostweave Set is a casual ensemble perfect for farming mats or rushing through those dailies.

I found some rather interesting items in my Tailoring book and decided it would be nice to “sew” myself a transmog outfit.

The set I like the best is the Ghostweave with Pants, Vest, Gloves and Belt.  A rather “haunting” little creation in lovely neutral colors, gold trim and fine stitching details.  Although I couldn’t find a perfect match for shoulders, cloak and a helm, the Argent Shoulders, Pearl-clasped Cloak and Enchanter’s Cowl look fine.

Ghostweave Set

Ghostweave Set

All the Ghostweave pieces require are a few bolts of Runecloth and Ghost Dye.

Unfortunately, Ghost Dye can’t be purchased from a vendor – it has to be made by an Alchemist.

It also requires Ghost Mushrooms that can only be picked by an Herbalist or purchased from the Auction House – if you can find any.

I managed to purchase all the Ghost Mushrooms listed at the Auction House (all fourteen of them) that would be enough to make seven Ghost Dye.  I need eleven for the set but at least it’s a start.

Of course, the Recipe: Ghost Dye is a limited availability purchase from a vendor out in Feralas and the few Alchemists I found did not have the recipe.

So…off to Feralas to get the recipe.  The vendor didn’t have any of the limited items to purchase and I waited about an hour or so until finally the Recipe: Ghost Dye showed up in his inventory.

Now I have the recipe, the mushrooms and the other few ingredients to make my Ghost Dye except I don’t have an Alchemist.

I’m happy to give an alchemist the recipe to make the dye, but since I’ll need more the odds are pretty good I wouldn’t find that same alchemist again, and I’d be buying recipes everytime I needed more dye.

I looked through all my characters’ professions and found one 85 with mining and skinning.  I have a few other lower level characters with herbalism but the recipe requires 240 level Alchemy, so I think I’ll dump skinning (I have another skinner) and get Alchemy instead.

This might work out after all since this would give me a chance to get the Vial of the Sands recipe.  My main has picked up lots of the Canopic Jars but without Alchemy all you get are mummy parts or something equally useless.

Looks like I’ll be leveling Alchemy all weekend…

Regalia of Faith – Tier 7 Set

Everyone will know you mean business when you get the call to raid and show up in this lovely Tier set – complete with wings and halo!

I’m not sure which Regalia of Faith version I should get, but wings and a halo?  I’ll take whatever drops and worry about it later!

I don’t have any pieces yet, but the guild went on a classic raid to Trial of the Crusader and I won the perfect wand – Rod of Imprisoned Souls.  Yes, it has wings!

Rod of Imprisoned Souls

Rod of Imprisoned Souls

It might be a long time before I find enough pieces for the Tier set, but there is no rush.  Now that I think about, Transmogrification isn’t even available yet – and look at all the work I have to do!

On the bright side, I have to say it’s a refreshing change looking at armor for the artwork instead of just looking at the numbers.