Troutwort’s post got me interested in the new Transmogrification in the works.

Since I’m new to the game, I don’t have any “classic” Tier gear – heck, I don’t have any Tier sets at all.

I like the idea but I’ll hold off on getting too excited about it until I see what the gold cost will be, although there is no price too high to pay if I could disguise these T11 “toilet bowl” shoulders…

I checked out the link to the Visual Roleplay Gear List and started foaming at the mouth over the Priest Tier 3 set – Vestments of Faith.

Of course it’s no longer possible to get this set so I’ll try and search for a later re-color, but it’s the original blues and golds that makes this so appealing.

It’s too bad that priests are at the bottom of the armor chain.  All we can wear is cloth so our limited choices are well, limiting.

I’ve also noticed that the evolution of WoW shoulder designs has gone from “fantasy sensible” over the years to “completely outrageous.”

Now, I can understand a Warrior, Paladin or other plate- or even mail- class sporting huge shoulders.  That makes sense because they are often up close and personal with monsters.

But a squishy priest in dress?  Come on, if monsters get close enough to notice what we’re wearing giant shoulders aren’t going to save us.

And don’t get me started on the recent helm designs.  It’s bad enough one can spend hours at the Barbershop (but not as many hours as a Blood Elf!) picking out the perfect hairstyle and color only to end up with Helmet Hair.

It gets worse when the helm you put on looks like something is already eating your face before you get to the battle!

More “sensible” helmets please – how about bringing back some stylish cowls?

Until I find a Tier set that I can wear and is still possible to get in the game, I thought I’d go in the opposite direction and find something in the “green” range that meets the requirements for Transmogrification.

Apparently anything eligible for Transmogrification must have stats other than the armor stat.

Although I can see the logic in this, you just know that I’d be blasting my way through heroic trolls in my Lovely Black Dress if I could.

Oh well.

The Perfect, Stylish Priest Set

I looked through the entire Visual Roleplay Guide and finally found my outfit – Silver-Thread Set.

The good news is this set can disguise every armor piece except the helm (Visual Roleplay mentions there was a helm at some point but never made it into the game.)

Heck, there is even a Silver-Thread Rod for an off-hand weapon.

No problem as I keep my helm option turned off anyway – no more Helmet Hair.

The bad news – BoE World Drops (24-31 level range) – all of it.

So…after reading up on where/what the set pieces drop from I decided my best option was running the instances – Scarlet Monestary (all instances), Gnomeregan and The Stockades rather than chasing mobs over entire zones.

First I checked the Auction House and found the gloves (no buyout) so I put a bid on those, then started running Scarlet Monestary.

I managed to get the Silver-Thread Armor, Silver-Thread Amice and the Silver-Thread Gloves in just a few runs (I forgot about my auction Goves bid so now I have two of those.)

Occasionally there would be a locked chest I was unable to open, and I just knew that one of my set pieces would be in there, so I packed a stack of Powerful Seaforium Charges and blasted open everything I could find.

It paid off because those nasty locked chests had my Silver-Thread Pants and Silver-Thread Robe.

I did a couple of full clears of Gnomeregan (that took forever but I snagged a Hydrocane) and The Stockades but no Silver-Thread set pieces dropped from those instances.

As a side note, I made a ton of gold selling all the cloth, greens and occasional blue items I looted on the Auction House – enough to purchase the Black Tabby Cat!

I was getting worried because the instances are one of the locations the Silver-Thread Sash dropped, and not only is the Sash a perfect compliment to the outfit, it will also disguise that horrid “wrestling” belt I’m wearing.

After a couple of days of running all the instances and having no luck getting any more set pieces, I checked the Auction House and several Silver-Thread pieces were listed – including the Sash and the Silver-Thread Cloak!

Silver-Thread Set Pieces

Silver-Thread Set Pieces

I bought them all (only about 3 gold each) so now all I have to find are the boots,  cuffs and perhaps the rod.

It would be great to find these pieces and complete the set, but I have enough for Transmogrification when it goes live.

Silver-Thread Robe

Silver-Thread Robe

I just have to keep my fingers crossed that all my lovely Silver-Thread set pieces will fit whatever criteria is needed to “transmogrify” my armor.

Even if it turns out I can’t use it, I’ll still wear it once in a while when I’m doing my banking or surfing the Auction House.