I’ve been running trolls fairly regularly and always jump for joy when ZA turns up because that means I have a shot at Hex Sticks and another try for Mojo.

Heck, I’ve been running trolls all week even though I capped out my VPs on Wednesday – just in case I find Mojo.

But an entire week of runs later….no Mojo.  Even the guildies I sometimes run with pass me Hex Sticks they’ve won because apparently everyone has Mojo except me.

I’ve used about 42 Hex Sticks.  I got the Hex Mix Achievement – and still no Mojo.

I’ll still keep trying.  Even though I’ve capped out VPs for the week I think I’ll still get JPs until I hit 4000.

So…what does one spend with JPs when one already has everything?  Except that hexed frog, of course.

I’ll Miss That Speech

If you’ve ever done the “chicken run” for the Swift White Hawkstrider, nothing grinds the run to a halt more than that long speech from Kael’thas Sunstrider before he becomes attackable.

Sometimes while I’m waiting I’ll craft a few bolts of cloth, re-arrange my spells, or just say it along with him.  After 45 times I have it all memorized.

But I must have got a little “Mojo” back yesterday because the mount finally dropped.

Swift White Hawkstrider

Swift White Hawkstrider

So no more speeches since I don’t have a reason to go back to Magisters’s Terrace.

It’s really too bad because I enjoy this instance.  It’s a refreshing change from the usual dark caverns and monochromatic hallways.  Everything is bright and colorful – a visual delight.

Swift White Hawkstrider Feat of Strength

Swift White Hawkstrider Feat of Strength

I will miss you, Kael’thas Sunstrider, my old friend but I will never forget your speech – whether I want to or not.

As for you Mojo – and I’m looking at you too, Anzu – I’m coming for you.  On my Swift White Hawkstrider.

Swift White Hawkstrider

Swift White Hawkstrider