or How I Stood in the Void

The guild asked me along for quick run through Throne of the Four Winds since a few of us hadn’t seen it yet.

I think I got thrown off a platform right near the start, and during the last boss fight I managed to stand in the tornadoes (yes, I ran the wrong way and missed the openings) and for my coup de grâce, I died right before the boss died.

Defender of a Shattered World

Defender of a Shattered World

The priest mantle token dropped (T11) but someone needed it more than I did so I was happy to pass it along since there’s no big rush for me to gear up.

It’s almost become a tradition for me to always die right when the last boss dies the first time I do a fight.  Blizzard should definitely make it an Achievement.

I guess it’s a little difficult to call myself a Defender when I’m dead in the void, but I’ll take it – thanks everyone!

The Best Birthday Present of All

It was my birthday yesterday so to celebrate being errrr…ummmm…well… let’s just say “old enough” I thought I would try some “birthday luck” and see if I could dig up that Archaeology bug mount.

Well, that wasn’t happening but while I was hitting another disappointing site, I got a whisper from the person who got the priest token.

Apparently they didn’t need it after all and still had some time to trade it to me if I wanted it -a nice surprise!

Mantle of the Forlorn Conqueror

Mantle of the Forlorn Conqueror

Now I have a T11 two-piece bonus and in a few weeks I should have enough VPs to get another piece for the T12 two-piece bonus – bonuses everywhere!

It’s actually a big thrill for me as a non-raider to get something I assumed was forever beyond my reach – a real token!  So thanks K – you really made my day!

Then a real life friend I haven’t seen in ages showed up and surprised me with a delicious dinner – looks like I had some “birthday luck” after all!