better than I am.

Just hanging around Stormwind, checking the Auction House to see if the Lightforged Elementium Hammer I’ve been drooling over is listed for less than 20k.

It wasn’t.

Then I checked the price of Truegold to see if it was worth buying the mats and paying a Blacksmith for the orbs.

It wasn’t.

Then I get a whisper from someone I don’t know – I tried to get a screen shot but I got disconnected (again – hate random disconnects.)

But here it is – including the spelling:

<somerandomguy> heyy
<me> hey
<somerandomguy> want to know if u raid a lot
<me> not a lot
<somerandomguy> how much dps you pull
<me> not a lot
<somerandomguy> about how much
<me> less than 12k

Then I remember that the <12k was with the RDF buff so I had to subtract 15% or whatever.

Oh well.

Maybe it’s the adorable hairy goat legs that makes me look a “raider.”

I’ve just got to force myself to run a few more Heroics (and those nasty Trolls) and then I’ll have enough VP to purchase a nice upgrade chest piece.

That might really start to confuse other players.  It’s too bad I can’t design my own tabard that says “Less than 12k.”

I might not be a WoW raider, but I do know how to raid a refrigerator – think I saw some fresh strawberries in there….

I know I can pull 45k dps (stainless steel spoon equipped, no enchants) on a bowl of strawberries and cream….does that count?

On the bright side…

I had nothing to do after the Dalaran Fishing Daily for another Bag of Fishing Disappointments, so I did some coin fishing in the fountain until I got the achievement.

The Coin Master

The Coin Master

All I need for the “Salty” title is the Lurker achievement and win a Fishing Derby.
Maybe next year…