Yes, it’s true.  I’ve been queuing for dungeons all by myself lately.

Any queue with a guild member(s) takes priority, but often there isn’t anyone around the times I play and I do want to get those VPs and upgrade my gear as much as I can.

So…I wait around in 30-40 minute queues for an heroic dungeon (not a troll dungeon – I’m not that crazy!) and pray I don’t get Heroic Deadmines or Grim Batol.

Finally the dungeon pops up and all the rolls are checked except one dps….who declines.

Fair enough.  We get put to the top of the queue, ready check and away we go!

And the winner is….

Heroic Grim Batol

Of course it is.

Okay, I can deal with this – a little long, but generally not too bad as I’ve discovered a few “spots” during a couple of fights were I can hang back far enough to dps but keep away from the bad stuff.

I notice that all four players are from the same server, and two are in the same guild.  Now, that didn’t bother me so much because I’ve been the “PuG” in guild runs before with few or no issues.

A few warning bells went off when the /party chat was immediately filled with a lot of swearing and some rather nasty references to well…you can figure it out.

When I’m in a guild run with my guild and we get a PuG, I’ve personally never witnessed any guild member being anything but polite with the player even if we get the odd impatient or rude person.

Generally we have fun and get through the instance.

Since I had been waiting about 30 minutes and it was getting late, I thought I’d stick around to get the instance done and just ignore party chat.  I didn’t bother typing anything in except “r” when required.

No point arguing with immature idiots who apparently lack sufficient vocabulary/education/intelligence to express themselves beyond a Grade 2 education.

We wiped on the first trash – twice.  We wiped on the first boss – three times.  The only good news from this pending disaster was that I was always top dps – at least 2k ahead of the rest.

So…after a couple of wipes on the next trash, (and a lot more trash talking) tank types in something about being sorry about the wipes as he was watching TV and I guess something amusing was on.  It was hard to tell because the attempts at a sentence was interjected with “f—” and “s—” and “g–” and all the rest.

I’d post the screen shot but I’d have to censor so much of the text there wouldn’t be anything left to read.

I was seriously considering leaving at that point, but when I ran back in to get my body, the loading screen comes up and I’m back in Stormwind.

“You have been removed from the group”

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I put the entire group on /ignore, re-queue and a few minutes later I zone into…

Heroic The Lost City of Tol’vir

The Paladin tank types “we don’t need cc I can do this fast.”

And he does.  We race through dungeon and easily kill everything.  No wipes, no trash talking – it was a lot of fun.

At the end everyone wanted to re-queue for another dungeon and I would have loved to with this group but it was getting really late and I had to go to work soon.

It’s really too bad that we can /ignore players from other servers, but can’t add the good players to a friends list.

No, I’m not ever going to use RealID until the security issues are resolved – not even if Blizzard pays me to use it.

I’ve been trying to do at least two heroics every day until maxed, but depending on the group it’s sometimes impossible to get more than one when you add in the long queue times.

If it’s a nice, friendly group I’ll hang around and help out even if it’s a wipe fest and takes a few hours.  I look at it as a learning experience and heaven knows I could use the practice.

I’ve also been queuing for at least one normal dungeon every day as these go relatively fast (with a decent group) and lets me try out different spell priorities and try to max out my dps in a “low-stress” situation.

Usually I find myself in a good group for Heroics, but the past few days the majority have been terrible – and I have four left to go….