in Orgrimmar

I’ve been working my way through the Fishing Achievements although I keep forgetting about the fishing contests and seem to miss those every weekend.

I thought I’d bite the bullet – so to speak – and get the Fishing Diploment and see if I could fish up Old Crafty.

I bought up a few mats from the Auction House and found an Alchemist to make me five  Elixir of Camouflage.

If you’re serious about fishing in Orgrimmar get a stack of these (five wasn’t enough) otherwise every Horde hunter in Azeroth will be able to see you – and after you get killed, you will need another one.

Scouting out a fishing spot

I logged onto my Blood Elf Priest and looked for a relatively “safe” fishing spot.  After testing a few areas and trying to fish in out of the way spots, I had an epiphany.

There are no safe fishing spots.

The often recommended “under the waterfall” area is just below the Hunter trainer and very close to the NPC that gives the Fishing Daily – no matter when I checked the area it was always busy.

Yeah, that’s not going to happen.

I found a spot or two away from the main hubs but no “water” to cast in or the bobber would be unclickable in surrounding rocks.

Refugee area?  Don’t make me laugh – NPCs and patrolling guards everywhere.

One spot didn’t look too bad at a large waterfall.  Very few, if any players around and no patrolling guards.  There were two flying patrols (groups of three) that few around fairly often and the Horde Zepplin went past it, but it was starting to look like the best option.

I parked my Blood Elf there and fished for a while at the top of the waterfall.  Fishing was good, flying patrols very low to the spot was bad.

I also noticed a single flying guard that didn’t fly around but phased in and out from one particular position close to the waterfall.

While it was fairly obvious the flying patrols would spot me in a second, I wasn’t sure if it was far enough away from the static guard to get it’s attention.

There was a tall rock under the waterfall so I tried that and fishing was good and seemed low enough not to aggro the flying patrols.

I made a note of the coordinates, then logged onto my priest and went to Orgrimmar.

I hovered above the spot for a while until the flying patrols had passed, then dropped down fast behind the waterfall and promptly got stuck in the rocks.

I finally got out and managed to make one catch to get the achievement.

The Fishing Diplomat

The Fishing Diplomat

Before I could make another cast, the static NPC appeared and killed me.
I had to take the Resurrection Sickness penalty because I couldn’t get back to my body.

Since I was already there, I decided to pop another elixir and try again only this time fish from lower rocks in front of the waterfall.

This was far enough away not to aggro the static guard or any of the flying patrols.
The only problem was I was out in the open with my…ummm…”Alliance” hanging out.

I actually got in two hours of fishing before a Horde came by and killed me.  Unfortunately, I never did get Old Crafty but I did catch 432 fish.

Maybe next time….