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Guild Runs are the Best

I lucked out on my day off –  a guild “tank in training” wanted to run some normals so I tagged along and managed to finally get the last normal that has been evading me – “Lost City of the Tol’Vir.”

So off we went to try a Heroic and up popped my old normal “favorite”, Grim Batol.


This was a tough one.  We wiped a few times on trash, had to take a couple of attempts to get the bosses down, but you know what?

I didn’t mind at all.  If it helps out a new tank or anyone else learning a class, count me in.

Heroic Grim Batol

Heroic Grim Batol

I learned a lot as well although my dps was horrid.  I never broke 8k – just averaged between 7200-7400.  Eeek.  Don’t really know why it’s so bad.

I even tried Simcraft although it wasn’t much help.  At first it said I should be doing about 24k dps – are you kidding me??

Then I checked the options and noticed “Player Skill” was set to “Elite.”  Yeah, right.  So I set it to “Ouch! The Fire is Hot!”

That gave me around 18k dps – still out of my reach.

Nice to have the numbers, but I don’t know how to reach 18k dps.

Aside from my crappy dps, Heroic Grim Batol was actually a lot of fun and at least to me, a lot more interesting “gaming” experience working out strategies/assignments as a group than plowing through an instance like a bunch of robots going for speed records.

You know the type – people who rant and rage quit PuGs if heaven forbid, everyone isn’t pulling 15k, run it thousand times and/or hasn’t read all the strategies and memorized the videos and can finish in 12.8 minutes.

There was actually a tank advertising on the Trade channel for Heroic runs, but he wanted 15k dps.  Didn’t seem to be getting many bites, so I was assuming that if someone was doing that much dps they probably were beyond Heroics and were more interested in running the new raids or something.

No one would disagree that it’s an advantage knowing about the instance and fights when first learning and attempting them.

It would just be a better experience if PuGs had a little more patience and didn’t run screaming into the night after one wipe.

Makes me really, really appreciate guild runs!

Take a look at my Recent Achievements and see if you notice anything unusual:

Recent Achievements

Recent Achievements

Yes, you read that correctly – Heroic: Zul’Aman!

Now that was an adventure (after a couple of Vent “surprises” that yes, I was a real girl and the “female” hunter was really a guy – ha! ha!)

We went through two healers, multiple wipes and I think I beat my own personal “best” count for dying in an instance.

We tried Heroic: Zul’Gurub but that just wasn’t happening.

My favorite moments:  the rolling rocks got me a couple of times and yes, I died once at the spouting flames wall, was rezzed and died right again before I could move.

I got to Mind Control a mob for crowd control and that was fun – my first “official” Mind Control!  Usually I just get to use it in Battlegrounds for my own amusement.

I did get a nice ring upgrade and I was able to upgrade my crappy wand for the Heroic version, so well worth the effort!

Tol Barad/Fireland Dailies

Working my way through the Firelands dailies and picking up the Tol Barad ones for extra gold and reputation.

I’m slightly motivated with Tol Barad dailies because I spend some extra time there running around killing the Baradin Foxes for the Fox Kit pet.

Monday was my lucky day because it finally dropped.

Fox Kit

Fox Kit

Okay, so it took all day and I killed about 200 of them between instances, but well worth it – the pet is adorable!

Fox Kit Pet

Fox Kit Pet

The dailies I’ve been getting haven’t been too bad so far if I’m careful and don’t pull 3 or 4 at a time.

The only one I haven’t done yet is the “Shark Tank” because I’m fairly certain I can’t solo it and no one seems to be around to group with whenever it pops up.

I have found a new quest to hate with the Firelands dailies – Enduring the Heat.

This quest just topped my list as the Worst Quest Ever!  First time I tried it I died 8 times, ran up a 53 gold repair bill and finally just abandoned it.

Of course, the next day it was still there but that time I got it completed without dying.

Third day, I guess I wasn’t fast enough because I died once and got it the second attempt.

I’m assuming this will get easier once I have the “route” down but geez!  Next time I might try a speed potion or rocket boots!

I just hate blowing all my “daily” gold on a repair bill for one quest….

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Companion Pet – Dancing Fox Kit

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