When you can’t play World of Warcraft?

There I was, having fun in a Guild Classic Raid, when bam!

City-wide power failure.

I guess the Nuts running the “power wheel” decided to take a break to throw some acorns, so no internet connection and no WoW.

Apologies to my guild – I hate missing a Classic Raid!

Of course there was also no TV, no oven/microwave to make a snack, no land-line phone (fortunately I had just charged up the cell phone) and although I had a full battery on my laptop, what was the point with no internet connection?

Since it was still light outside, I took the dog out for a “bonus” walk over to the neighborhood park (hurray for backup powered security system!)

I was surprised at how many people had the same idea – kids running around playing impromptu soccer or baseball, people walking dogs or just strolling around – I’ve never seen the park this busy.  Usually it’s just organized teams who use the park.

Power was out for almost 2 1/2 hours (apparently squirrels are difficult to find.)  By the time it started getting dark, people gradually disappeared back into their homes and a bit later the power came back on.

So after running around resetting clocks, feeding howling cats (apparently a power outage means the food in their dish isn’t as good as the same food with the power on), I logged back into WoW and finished up a few dailies.

I’ve been trying to max out my dailies for the gold, so I thought I’d try the Tol Barad dailies since I’ve only done them once.

I didn’t bother picking up the 3-person quest to kill the shark, and I wasn’t sure where to find some Commander to kill so I dropped that one.

The rest weren’t too bad.  I guess fixing up my gear a bit keeps me alive a little longer as I didn’t have any problems and didn’t die once.

I hope whatever problems with the power get sorted out before the next Guild Classic Raid!

Update: Armory Bug

Might be interesting to check your characters at the Armory today…apparently I have defeated the Horde.

Bocat of Orgrimmar

Bocat of Orgrimmar?

And I’m pretty sure I haven’t killed this guy yet…

Feats of Strength

Feats of Strength