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Now I know why people hate Recount.  No, I don’t spam it in Party chat after a dungeon.  I just use it to torture myself with how really bad I am.

I know that this game is all based on mathematics with the numbers “hidden” within abstractions of “spells”, “gear” and other less transparent mechanisms.

Okay, I know I’m kicking boss behind with anywhere from 3000 to 6400 dps.  Sometimes it’s good, most times – not so good.

One aspect of upping that dps is gear, so I went shopping with all my valor-now-downgraded-to-justice points and blew it all on a smoking hot new robe – Mercurial Vestment.

I put in two lovely Brilliant Inferno Rubies and the +15 stats enchant because I’m a little short on gold right now for the Peerless Stats enchant.

My Helm is probably the worst of my outfit so that is next on the replacement list if I ever run any dungeons again for the Justice points.

My next worst items are rings, trinkets and weapons.  Not a lot of purchase options to replace these, but I have been tracking the Auction House prices for the Darkmoon Card: Volcano and hit the jackpot yesterday when I saw one about 3,000 gold less than the “average” cost so I snapped it up.

This ups my ilvl to 351 – should be good enough to run Heriocs – ha! ha!  Just kidding.

So…now that I’ve done what I can with the “math” part of it for now the rest is up to me.

I went back and read up on the Shadow Priest sticky guides, and even waded through the mathematical babble of Elitist Jerks to try and understand more about spell priorities and how everything works.

One thing became very clear – my brain tends to puddle up when trying to decipher algorithms and formulas.

If I knew I was going to play World of Warcraft when working on my Master’s degree I would have picked Mathematics instead of Computer Science/Fine Arts.

Oh well.

Power Auras

One thing I discovered that really hurt my dps was not refreshing my DoTs in a timely manner (or more likely, forgetting altogether.)

I looked at a couple of addons – Quartz and Power Auras – and decided to try Power Auras first since it was more “visual” than Quartz for a beginner like me.

I must say it did make a difference.  Getting those DoTs refreshed and using orbs/stacks at the right time was the main reason I actually hit upwards of 6000-7000 dps from my previous 3000-4000.

One more piece of the dps puzzle solved.

Oh, that Blizzard Interface

The last piece is going to be the toughest.  That would be my UI and keybinds.  I’m ashamed to admit I haven’t paid much attention to what goes on with the Blizzard interface.

When I first started playing and knew absolutely nothing about the game, I put my spells in the cast bar, clicked on them and yes, I moved forward, backward and turned using only the keyboard arrow keys.

I eventually learned to use the mouse to move, but I don’t use w-a-s-d.  I hold down both mouse buttons to move forward and use a-d to strafe, but still click my spells.

When I was healing I bound my spells to the mouse and used Vuhdo – that worked pretty good as I could use Alt, Shift, Control fast with a mouse click.

But I can’t used Vuhdo for Shadow so I’ve been practicing using the number keys for my spells as they are put on the cast bar in spell priority.

This doesn’t work too well for me right now as I lose time if I have to scroll the bar and I don’t know how to set this all up with keybinds.

So right now I’ve hit the wall as far as the getting my spells cast quickly without using the inefficient click-a-thon.

Guess I’ve got a lot more research to do…

Archaeology Surprises

I had a day off yesterday and nothing much to do so I worked on Archaeology for a while.  I had a few “fun” items turn up and wanted to finish them off.

Plus the usual plethora of grey items worth in the range of 1g to 10g.  I picked up a few greys worth about 100g and 200g, so that helped restore my funds a bit after blowing it all on the Darkmoon Card.

Pendant of the Scarab Storm

Pendant of the Scarab Storm

Bones of Transformation

Bones of Transformation

I was getting bored with Archaeology and since I had already done the new dailies, I thought I’d go to the Argent Tournament and rack up a few more seals to purchase pets and mounts.

I solved the last grey Night Elf item at my digsite when bam!  Next up was Tyrande’s Favorite Doll!

I forgot all about the Argent Tournament and kept working at Archaeology for the next few hours until I got all the fragments and scrolls I needed to finish the trinket.

While I was frantically flying around digging up stuff I didn’t need to get the Night Elf digsites, another bam!

The Fossilized Raptor showed up!

Well, that pretty much killed the rest of my time doing anything else but digging up fragments – almost forgot to queue for the Holiday Boss.

Never did get the Frigid Frostling, but at least I can ride around on my new mount!

Fossilized Raptor

Fossilized Raptor

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Companion Pet – Dancing Fox Kit

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