Yikes!  I see I haven’t posted for a while, but Real Life tossed me a few curves and we all know how annoying it is when Real Life interferes with our game time!


I decided to get serious and finish up Loremaster, so back to Netherstorm and a more interesting transporter “malfunction.”

Area 52 Malfunction

Area 52 Malfunction

Actually, I think Taurens look pretty cute – might roll one some day…

But back to work!

I finished up Netherstorm, Blade’s Edge Mountains (I already had Zangarmarsh) then over to Nagrand.

That was a tough one.  I was using the addon Quest Completist and although it showed on the map quests I hadn’t done, most were “starter” quests I couldn’t pick up because I had done quests further down the chain, or had passed the reputation level.

I eventually found enough quests from the Consortium until I had one quest left – and all I could find was a quest on an hourly spawn – I’m Saved! from Kristen Dipswitch.

I waited around for about 20 minutes, and at approximately 1:12 pm server time, Kristen appeared.

Kristen Dipswitch

Kristen Dipswitch

That quest finally got me the Nagrand Slam Achievement.  I finished up the other zones saving Hellfire Penninsula for last because, well ugh – I don’t like that zone.

Loremaster of Outland

Loremaster of Outland

One more down and one to go!


I guess Cataclysm had “reset” some quests because while I was working on Loremaster, I noticed that in some zones I only had 1 or 2 quests completed, and in some cases 0 quests.

My memory might not be the best, but I’m sure I did more than a couple of quests in these zones!

But no problem – I wasn’t in any rush, so off to Northrend.

Icecrown: The Final Goal was the toughest of all to complete.  Many quests were “group” quests suggesting 2, 3 or 5 players – and there was just me.

Not so bad at level 85, but still a squishy priest.  A few of the 5-player quests were interesting as I remember actually attempting and failing them – in a group – at level 80.

It took a few days, but I finally got it.

The Loremaster

The Loremaster

Overall, it was a lot of fun although I think I spent as much time researching and checking quests at wowhead as I did actually doing quests!


While I was working on Loremaster, I’d take a few side trips and work on Archaeology.  I picked up a couple of nice rare “toys” but nothing serious.

Most noteable were the Blessing of the Old God and the Pterrordax Hatchling.

Blessing of the Old God

Blessing of the Old God

Pterrordax Hatchling

Pterrordax Hatchling

I’ve got The Innkeeper’s Daughter up next, so that’s a little motivation for Archaeology.

Midsummer Fire Festival

All I want from this World Event is the Ice Chip to get my Frigid Frostling pet!

I tried a few times on my Hunter last year with no luck (didn’t have my Priest at the time) so this year I’m dragging my Priest through that Holiday Boss every day keeping my fingers crossed.

And, of course I want the Spirit of Summer pet purchased with Burning Blossoms, so I’m working on a few of the Achievements.

I will never, ever get that Torch Tossing thing done!  Yes, I’ve read up on it and tried a few methods but I guess I’m just not fast enough.


So far, this Holiday Boss hasn’t been too bad as Shadow DPS – when one runs it with guildies!

I got the cloak which was a nice upgrade for me so I ran off to the Auction House for an Enchant.  The cloak should work for me until I get over my Dungeonitis.

I was starting to get over my Dungeonitis running the Holiday Boss but I had to PuG it yesterday and wow!  This set me back to square one!

First try the tank disconnected so it was a wipe.  Second time, I’m not sure what happened but another wipe.

After we were rezzed by the Shaman healer, the tank posted Recount and it went something like this:

  • Tank – 30%
  • DPS 1 – 28%
  • DPS 2 – 24%
  • Healer – 23%
  • Me – 19%

Yes, I had less DPS than the Healer – significantly less.  Numbers for me were about 4953.   I was humiliated and expected to be kicked, but we tried again and this time got Ahune down.

I have no idea what my problem is as I’ve checked the forums, shadowpriest.com and EJ to learn my spell priorities.  It’s not perfect yet but I would hope it would give me more than 4900 DPS!

The other problem I was having was with interface issues.  I have trouble targeting the tank’s target.  I set Focus to the tank and then use the F key, but this is slow – have to still click on the portrait and then hit the F key – maybe a macro for this?

I also confess that I’m a clicker but I do have my most-used spells on keybinds – maybe I’m doing it wrong.

I was running out of mana – a lot!

Used the Fiend, SW:D – heck, I even Dispersed whenever I could – but a few times I’d be standing there like a stupid with no mana.

One thing I haven’t done – something really stupid – is spec into Archangel/Dark Angel and then promptly forget about it and not use it or even have it on my bars or keybinds.

Rookie mistake.  I should know better, but that has been corrected.  It will be interesting to see if I do any better today.

I’m beginning to believe I’m not even competent enough to run Normals!

Oh well.  I didn’t get the Ice Chip, but I did get the awesome-looking-completely-useless Frostscythe of Lord Ahune.

The good news:  When I equipped it I got the Cataclysmically Achievement.

Cataclysmically Superior

Cataclysmically Superior

The bad news:  It has no intellect on it so it’s a downgrade from my ilvl 313 staff.  I equip this and I lose 233 intellect, so I guess it sits in the Bank for now.

But it looks snappy and you can use it to have snow falling on you for a bit – takes your mind off the fact that it’s worse than my crappy staff.

Frostscythe of Lord Ahune

Frostscythe of Lord Ahune