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Just a 25-man trash run, but I was asked if I wanted to tag along.

Since I never get to see this level of content while it’s current, I thought “Hell YES!”

Only problem was I wasn’t sure if my ilvl was high enough to get me in, but I went through the portal and wonder of wonders, I was in!



That’s me sitting at the bottom. About 1/2 a second into the first pull I got knocked off the ramp, died and fell into the endless void…

Fortunately it’s a very short Humiliating Run from the Graveyard and easy to find the portal.

It’s an undisputed fact I was the lowest dps in there – rocking the raid with my amazing sub-par 2k-3k dps!

Despite my poor performance, these were experienced raiders and it was quite an education for me to watch how they solved problems and succeeded.

Crowd Control

Crowd Control

I didn’t get a lot of screen shots because one really has to pay attention and follow directions, but I managed to get a few just in case I don’t get back there.

After all, it’s not as if I need raid level gear – heck, I’ve got a ton of hard work to do just to get my dps up to “average” – for the Holiday Boss!

Yes, once again someone posted Recount after the Holiday Boss yesterday and I actually did worse than the last time.  Bottom of the list at a whopping 9%.

Ugh.  That’s just embarrassing.

But I digress.

Spinning Turtles

These guys are fun – and gave me a free trip back into the void.

Turtle Pack

Turtle Pack

Molten Surgers

These guys – not so much fun.  I didn’t get a screen shot because well, I was busy dying.  They will randomly charge someone and can two-shot me back to the graveyard.

I think I actually cheered when they finally killed these guys.



At one point I had a quest pop up, but just as I clicked it I died so I wasn’t sure if I picked it up or not, but it was in my quest log – Your Time Has Come.

I decided to follow the chain for a bit before logging off so back to Stormwind to pick up A Legendary Engagement, then off to the Caverns of Time for A Wrinkle in Time.

This quest had a very nice cinematic where apparently, the entire fate of Azeroth is in my hands.  Considering my ilvl and astonishing dps….Azeroth is doomed.

I figured it probably wouldn’t be a very good idea to inform Anachronos that Azeroth will probably be consumed by fire if I’m the only one who can save it, so I played along and picked up the next quest – All-Seeing Eye.

Well, this is where I hit the quest wall.  I need 25 Eternal Embers and 3 Sands of Time.

Sands of Time can be purchased from a vendor for about 3,000g a pop – way out of my price range at the moment.

Eternal Embers drop from a Firelands boss so I don’t think I’ll be doing that any time soon!

No matter, I’ll keep the quest in my log as a souvenir!

Midsummer Fire Festival

Picked up a few of the Festival Achievements although some will have to wait until next year.  I don’t think I’ll manage to squeak out enough Fire Blossoms to purchase all the items for the Midsummer Set with all available fires and dailies – I’m short 198 for the shoes.

I might try the Torch Juggler Achievement, but I did manage to get everything for Desecration of the Horde, the Fires of Azeroth and King of the Fire Festival.

Desecration of the Horde

Desecration of the Horde

The Fires of Azeroth

The Fires of Azeroth

King of the Fire Festival

King of the Fire Festival

Oh well.
With a nice, long weekend coming up I have some time to start doing some serious work to get my dps up…and maybe even run a normal dungeon or two!

June 2011

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