If you haven’t done so yet, fly – don’t walk – to the Everlook Inn at Winterspring, and buy yourself (and all your alts) a Winterspring Cub!

I didn’t know about this new pet until I was looking through the Stormwind Auction House to see what pets were available to reach the new pet achievements.

There it was – a Winterspring Cub!  Of course the Auction House cost was outrageous, so I looked it up on WoWHead and discovered it is purchased from a vendor in Everlook for 50 gold.

I jumped on a drake and was about to fly over to the docks to catch the boat when I remembered I had the engineering Everlook transporter, so in a few seconds I was in Everlook buying my cub!

Everlook Winterspring Cub Vendor

Everlook Winterspring Cub Vendor

And OMG! It’s the most adorable pet of all, and will “purr” when clicked!

Winterspring Cub

Winterspring Cub

A perfect little companion – especially when riding around on your Winterspring Frostsaber!

I also started the new quest chain that rewards a Panther Cub – one can’t have too many cat pets!

Corporate Raider

If you love World of Warcraft and have spent any time in the Corporate world, take a look at the comics at Looking For More.

The only problem with the comics….need more!  Keep it up – best way to start my corporate day!

I swear I’m going to use some of those lines at the next meeting….

You Just Never Know…

Had to add this in…

Went outside for a coffee break (no snow!) and caught the end of a conversation where person 1 said to person 2:

“….cause I bet you were too busy playing World of Warcraft.”

So I chimed in…

“Who doesn’t play World of Warcraft?”

Person 2:  “You play World of Warcraft???!!!”

That kicked off a very interesting conversation starting with realms, mains, ilvls – the whole story up to and including how Person 2 was just recruited to a top raiding guild on the realm.

I picked up some great tips about playing Shadow DPS, tricks for Disc healing and helpful addon suggestions.

It was great.

This was someone I’ve seen around campus and even talked with a few times, but never knew they played World of Warcraft.

You just never know…