The guild, Crits and Giggles hit level 25 this weekend!  And I missed the whole thing.

Yes, I was playing but not on a guild character so I missed the seeing the achievement and the Lion parade.

I didn’t find out until a few hours later.

So….what was I so busy doing?  I decided to level up my bank-alt rogue.  Yup, that’s how bored I was this weekend.

Even worse….before I played the rogue I leveled a Worgen Death Knight enough to get out of the starter zone.

Worgen Death Noob

I discovered I have absolutely no clue as to how to play a Death Knight.  I searched forums and websites for post-Cata information on leveling and found very little that was even remotely helpful.

So I picked a spec, picked a rune, read the tool tips and lined up my spells in a somewhat logical priority order.  Then I just mashed buttons until something would proc, and then I’d mash those buttons.

Not very efficient and didn’t always work but at least I’m out of the starter zone and can just lounge around Stormwind until I find a decent Death Knight guide that doesn’t focus entirely on raiding.

Mage Hits the Wall

I’ve also been working on a Worgen Mage because mages look like a lot of fun, have portals, can make their own yummies and it counts towards a class guild achievement.

I was having a lot of fun until I hit Hellfire Peninsula in Outland.

I hate Hellfire Peninsula.

I try to get through that place as fast as possible but it’s always a long, drawn out experience that leaves me banging my head on the keyboard.

We all know why – the Fel Reaver.  And those Colossi.  And those buzzards that never drop the quest item.  And those boars.  And those demons.

So many quest chains that end with group quests one can never complete because no one hangs around Hellfire Peninsula.

My poor Mage and Death Knight will have to wait a bit….

Bank Alt Rogue

I had created a human rogue for a bank alt, but leveling him (yes! a male character – first for me!) seemed more appealing than slogging through Hellfire Peninsula.

So off I went back to the start zone and had a great time up to level 4.  I think it was about level 5 when I got the Kobold Candles/Gold Dust quests and then everything went south.

I had two spells – and one I couldn’t use until I had a combo point.

No problem, just spam spell one then use my “finishing” move.

Except I would run out of Energy and have to just stand there (or run) while a Kobold hacked away at me until I was dead.

I died six times before I got those quests done.  What should have taken about 5 minutes to level up took about an hour.

But I finally made it and leveled up enough to get Stealth!  Yes!  Now I can sneak up on those nasty mobs and do that “surprise” attack thing!

It was working fine (plus I got to Pickpocket too!) until…..

The Murlocs.

Oh, those nasty Murlocs.  I could sneak up on them but before I could get behind one for my surprise attack it would see me and call all it’s friends.

I died a lot again, and finally just went back to Goldshire without getting close to finishing the quest.  Eight Torn Murloc Fins?  Heck, I didn’t have one.

While I was sitting in Goldshire wondering what to do, a level six character challenged me to a Duel.

I looked at the challenger and he was all in BoAs while I was rocking in my white, no-stat quest gear.

I had a good laugh and declined, but that was the answer – BoAs!  I logged off my Rogue, logged into my Priest and headed out to the Argent Tournament to get him the shoulders and chest pieces.

It was while I was shopping I heard about the Guild leveling to 25.

Well, I was so excited because I had reached Exalted with the Guild and I could buy the Reins of the Golden King.  Better yet, I had the Guild Page so I summoned it and got the mount.

Golden King Mount

Golden King Mount

Congratulations Crits and Giggles!  And yes, you are the best!