From Blizzard’s website on the Priest Class

These masters of the healing arts keep their companions fighting far beyond their normal capacities with an array of restorative powers and blessings.

I don’t know if this description is still accurate, but assuming Priests are or should be “masters of the healing arts”, here are a few suggestions to get Priests back to the top of the healing food chain.

1.  The Stole.  Let’s start by getting rid of the min/max math calculation baloney.  Priests don’t need to be distracted by juggling stats, gems, enchants, reforges, etc.

I’m a Priest, not a mathematician!

To become Masters of Healing, we need to concentrate on our spells so put all our stats on a Stole.

A variety of Stoles should be available so the best Stole can be worn depending on the purpose.  A Stole with PvP stats, a Stole for questing, a Stole for raiding, etc.

2.  The Blessing.  Get rid of mana.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Mana is for those magical spell casting classes with no other “power” source.

We are Priests.  We don’t need a physical power source as we can tap into the highest power source of all.  Who do you think all those prayers and hymns are for?  Hint:  It’s not the Priest Trainer.

And let’s make it additive instead of a subtractive cost.  Let’s call it “Blessing.”

After all, when Priests pray and sing hymns, wouldn’t that encourage a higher power to give a blessing?

The more prayers and hymns offered, the better the blessing! More blessings give us stronger and powerful prayers and hymns.

3.   The Sermon.  Of course, until you pray and sing hymns you won’t have enough blessings to do much, so why not start out every dungeon and raid with a Sermon just to jump start those blessings?

It doesn’t have to be a long Sermon.  Something as simple as “Thou Shalt Not Stand in the Fire” would be plenty to kick off a blessing.

If you run out of Sermon ideas you could always consult your

4.  Tome of Sermons.  Held in your off-hand, this tome would provide a plethora of suitable Sermon topics.


“Thou shalt not roll need on BoEs for thine alts.”

“Thou shalt not covet thy tank’s sword if thou cannot equip a sword.”

“Thou shalt farm mats for six days but the seventh day is Raid Day and thou shalt show up on time.”

“Thou shalt not cry for a “Rez” lest you bring the wrath of the Priest upon you.”

I know, most of the party would probably /sleep through your Sermon, so that’s why Priests need a special weapon err…I mean a special “helper.”

5.  The Olive Branch.  A lovely, flowering olive branch that packs enough punch to not only to destroy evil, but also to wake a sleeping raider or “chastise” the wicked.

Sure we have Leap of Faith, but wouldn’t it also be nice to give that DPS you just had to pull from certain death a “gentle” reminder?  Especially if you had been “blessed” with a glyph that allows the Olive Branch to whap a friendly target?

6.  The Tree of Healing.   One tree – with all healing spells.  No need to segregate healing specs into “religions.”  Give us access to every healing spell and trust us – we know what to use and when to use it.

7.  True Masters of Healing.  If we were the only class that could heal others, would that not indeed make us Masters of Healing?

To compensate for our exclusive healing powers, all classes would be given a spell of self-healing for those moments when a Priest might be busy writing a Sermon or worse, dead.

Oh, and one last Sermon:

“If thine Priest must run from the graveyard then thou too, shalt run from the graveyard.”