A Slight Miscalculation

I had a few quests to finish up in Ghostlands, and of course, the final quest in one chain was:

“Kill 10 of each of these guys, then find the Boss and (you guessed it) bring me his Head!”

Okay, no problem.

Found the area, killed most of each type of guy I was supposed to, then headed into a structure where the Boss was hanging out with his buddies.

The Boss was a level 21 elite, but no problem.  I’m a level 20 Blood Elf Shadow Priest – bring it on!

The Boss was conveniently standing at the bottom of some stairs with a few of his friends on each side.  I had already cleared the entrance so it was a simple matter of pulling the Boss towards me and kiting him up the stairs away from his friends.

This was so easy it wasn’t even much of a challenge.

I threw a SW:P on him, he ran up the stairs towards me but before I could kite him back through the entrance he feared me – right into both groups of his buddies.

Needless to say, it didn’t go very well.

Back at the graveyard, I thought perhaps I had missed something in the quest text so I read it again and apparently this is a “group” quest – suggested players: 5.

Oh well.

I’ll give it another try when I’m about level 40.

Lost in Orgrimmar – Again

I went back to Orgrimmar to pick up the daily fishing quest, and this time it was an activity a little distance south of the city.

I wasn’t sure how to get out that way since I’ve only been out the north entrance, but I thought no problem – I’ll just go out the north exit and ride around to the south.

Guess I took a wrong turn somewhere because I ended up in Azshara and rode right into a camp of very angry Alliance Night Elves.

Fortunately, I managed to escape by falling into a very large mining pit (with more angry mobs) but I eventually found my way back to Orgrimmar and decided it was more efficient to find the south entrance than deal with touchy Night Elves.

So…after riding around Orgrimmar for a while I found the little passage that leads into the southern part, and as a bonus, I also found the NPC for the daily cooking quest.

I completed both quests, received my first Cooking Award and the experience was enough to bump me up to Level 23.

Cooking Award and Level 23

Cooking Award and Level 23

I decided I’d had enough “adventures” for one night, so I posted my day’s gathering of ore and herbs on the Auction House, picked up the gold from my sold auctions, then bought myself two very nice 12-slot bags (2 gold each.)

I was still getting a few “Fish Got Away” casts so I started fishing in the Valley of Honor near the fishing trainer to get my skill up to at least around 100, and got the 50 Fish Achievement.

50 Fish

50 Fish

A few more casts and well, I bet you can guess what happened next.

Old Crafty Looted

Old Crafty Looted

I had fished up Old Crafty – again.  I was starting to have Mr. Pinchy flashbacks.

Two Old Craftys

Old Crafty - Again

I did get my fishing skill up over 100, and received the 100 Fish Achievement, but I don’t think I’ll be fishing in Orgrimmar any more…

100 Fish

100 Fish