Scraping Up the Gold

After finishing the “important” stuff with my Alliance Priest and Shaman, I decided to kick back and work on leveling up my Horde Blood Elf Priest.

I finally figured out how to get around Silvermoon City, posted the few measly herbs and ore I had gathered on the Auction House, then quested my way into Ghostlands.

The copper ore I smelted into bars sold well, but the herbs…not so much.  I could get anywhere from 6-8 gold for a stack of copper bars, but a stack of herbs only sold for a few silver.

I was wondering if I should drop Herbs for Skinning, but herbs might become more valuable as I level up so I’ll keep it for now.  Mining, of course, is always a “gold mine.”

I had sold enough the previous day to make about 23 gold, so I splurged and blew 2 gold on a 10-slot bag.  I replaced a 4-slot bag with my new 10-slot bag, paid a few silver for a bank tab for the old bag.

I felt like I had won the lottery – all this bag space!

But I would pay 500 or 600 gold if it meant getting a BoA 20-slot bag I could send cross faction.

When I think about all the bags my Alliance Priest Tailor could have made and send to my Horde baby….well, it’s sad.

The worst part of all is running into Pet Vendors and not purchasing any.  Takes me right back to my very first Alliance toon and not being able to buy a cat pet or owl pet because the 30 or 40 silver they cost was way beyond my means.

I remember thinking at the time that it would be “forever” saving up that much silver!

Now I’m right back where I started, except this round I’m a little bit smarter because when I first started playing I didn’t know about gathering professions or how to use the Auction House.

I’m sure there are players out there who would be raking in a few hundred gold on a new toon by now – maybe I’ll figure out how to do that one day.

Knucklerot and Luzran

I had picked up the Wanted Poster quest in Ghostlands – Wanted: Knucklerot and Luzran at about level 8 or 9, but when I (literally) ran into Knucklerot he stomped me into the ground (Smite, Smite, Smite, oom – dead.)

But now I was level 16 and I had SW:P, Mind Blast, Mind Flay and Shields! So when I ran into Knucklerot again, I was confident I could take him down.

I was doing okay until his “knockback” that tossed me right into a nasty spider.  I managed to take him down and loot his head (yes, another head!) before the spider killed me.

After the Humiliating Run from the Graveyard, I found Luzran.  This time I was prepared and sure enough, I got knockbacked into another spider.  I got Luzran down and killed the spider – I felt so overpowered – who needs a Mage when you can be a Shadow Priest?



I finished up a few more quests, gathered my ore and herbs then headed back to Silvermoon City to post all my “loot” on the Auction House.

I had found the Transport Orb that takes you to Undercity and I had a quest to turn in there, so I decided to take the trip, do some “sight seeing”, then head over to Orgrimmar.

Stuck in Undercity

I seemed to be “stuck” in Undercity – I kept running into closed doors so I wasn’t sure how to actually get in until I happened to be at a door when it opened.  I’m not sure if there’s a trigger to open the door or if it’s just on a timer, but I made it inside.

Wow, what a depressing place!  Looked around a bit, found the Cockroach vendor (too expensive!), turned in my quest and I couldn’t get out of there fast enough.

Lost in Orgrimmar

Getting out of Undercity was faster than getting in, so I hopped on a Zeppelin and off to the “big city” – Orgrimmar!

Yes, I got lost running around for about 30 minutes.  I eventually found the Fishing Daily A Staggering Effort so I picked that up and fortunately it was an easy one.

My fishing skill was “Level 1” and every cast gave me the “Fish Got Away” message, so back I went to the Fishing Vendor and spent a few precious coppers on lures.

This worked much better and I caught the quest fish in a couple of casts.  Turned in the quest and decided since I was there I might as well level up fishing using the same philosophy I did with my Alliance toons.

If you’re going to level up fishing, might as well fish for something useful!  I always level my Alliance toon’s fishing at the Forlorn Caverns for a chance to catch Old Ironjaw.

I wasn’t sure if there was a specific spot to fish for Old Crafty, so I picked a spot around the Valley of Spirits and fished away.

I got my fishing level up to about 27 when I got the 25 Fish Achievement.

25 Fish Achievement

25 Fish Achievement

A few casts later I fished up Old Crafty!

Old Crafty Achievement

Old Crafty Achievement

Not bad for a Level 18 Priest with a Fishing Skill of 30.

Old Crafty Equipped

Old Crafty Equipped

I never did find the Cooking Daily….

I was close to Level 20 and getting the Apprentice Riding skill, so I burned out a few more quests then went back to Silvermoon City to get my ride!

Hawkstrider Mount

Hawkstrider Mount

I had forgotten I had a Sparkle Pony in the bank, but what the heck?  Who doesn’t want to ride around on Big Bird?

One thing I will have to do very soon is try to find a friendly Horde guild to join.  I’ve been spoiled with my Alliance toons in a great guild, and it gets very annoying with “Join Guild” boxes popping up every few minutes (I thought I had turned off the option but it might reset with a new toon.)

I don’t know if there any Horde guilds that are as fun as my Alliance guild, but I might get lucky and find one!