Level 84

My Shaman has almost reached level 85.  Just four more bars to fill up and then I’ve reached level cap for this expansion.

Yes, I probably could have knocked that out last night as I have plenty of quests left to do but then what?

I didn’t even have to march through all the new zones to get this far.  I only did a few quests in Deepholm and I still have the silly “jousting” quests in Mount Hyjal I’ve been putting off.

I’ve almost finished up the quests in Uldum simply because I like hanging around Uldum, and I’ve completed enough quests in Twilight Highlands to learn that the Dragonmaw can kill my Shaman just as quickly as my Priest.

But instead of spending another hour or two reaching the level 85 finish line, I thought “what’s the rush?” and logged off.

Alternate Endgame

I couldn’t wait for my Disc Priest to reach level 80, and then level 85.  I loved healing in Wrath – it was interesting and challenging.

I hadn’t reached the point that many “veteran” players did with the “/afk  lolhealing” bubble fest.  I didn’t have the “best” gear so I had to compensate by picking and choosing appropriate spells, and anticipating damage (which meant learning the fights well.)

I was not the best healer, but I was at the point where I was getting through a few of the harder Heroics.

I studied my class, knew the right stats and gear, gemmed and enchanted properly, read up on fights, watched videos – I was motivated and it was fun.

The first time I got through H Forge of Souls without one death was a high point for me as a healer.  That was when I knew healing was my “calling” in this game.

Playing as DPS was more a blatant numbers game – gawking at Recount spams, the whole “my numbers are bigger than your numbers” drama, calculating every stat to the nth decimal point.

To be honest, if I wanted to stare at spreadsheets and tweak numbers for fun I’d go back to the office instead of playing a game.

Sure, healing is also based on numbers (as is the entire game) but if I play my class correctly and no one dies, who cares about numbers?

There were enough layers of abstraction over numbers that the spells actually were “spells”, not an exercise in calculation.

With the recent patch nerfs and the “mana matters” model, the layers of abstraction have been stripped away and we’re back to playing with numbers.

“Can I cast this spell or that spell because this takes x mana/heals for y and that takes z mana/heals for…OMG I’m oom and the tank is dead!”

Sorry, but the new healing model isn’t fun…at all.

Yes, I can understand that this is all tuned for end game raiding or whatever.  But what do we do until we get there?

Healing gets better with gear (and Disc is very gear dependent) but to get the gear you have to run instances, and if you can’t keep up the heals because you don’t have the gear, you can’t run instances to get the gear you need to keep up the heals.

So what does my level 85 Disc Priest do these days?

Log on, do cooking/fishing dailies, run the Argent Tournament dailies, throw a few snowballs at Gretta (still haven’t got that stupid Polar Bear), check to see if the Pebbles quest is up, work on professions if I have enough gold to buy the mats, craft a few Frostweave Bags to sell, then log off.

I haven’t even bothered trying to run a normal instance with my Shaman as the quest gear choices are extremely poor so her gear is way below the curve my Priest’s gear was at the same point.

End Game

End Game

Yes, I’ll finish up the quests I have and get my Shaman to level 85, but it looks as though my “End Game” is going to be limited to Fishing Dailies.